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Federal Program Change Summary Report
Slide-locks Enforcement Policy, Inspection Procedures and
Performance Guidance Criteria

Federal Directive Number: CPL 02-01-043
Date of Directive September 14, 2007
This Instruction establishes enforcement policies, inspection procedures and performance guideline criteria for the safe design, construction, installation, testing, maintenance and use of slide-locks used for the control of hazardous energy on machinery.
Equivalency Required Intention Required  

to Adopt
URL or Contact
AK Yes Yes 10/26/2007 NA
AZ Yes Yes 12/03/2007 NA
CA No NA NA State Plan does not allow use of slide-locks
CT* No NA NA No Public Sector "Exposure"
HI Yes Yes 12/03/2007 NA
IA Yes Yes 10/01/2007 NA
IN Yes Yes 02/01/2008 NA
KY No NA NA State Plan does not allow use of slide-locks
Michael L. Dixon
MD Yes Yes 01/29/2008 NA
MI Yes Yes 10/19/2007 NA
MN Yes No Revisions Pending MNOSHA Compliance
Phone: (651) 284-5050
NC Yes Yes 01/31/2008 NA
NJ* Yes No 11/17/2007 Ray Bellarosa
NM Yes Yes 11/02/2007 NA
NV Yes Yes 11/01/2007 NA
NY* Yes Yes 10/11/2007 NA
OR Yes Yes 01/09/2008 Slide-lock use to control hazardous energy on machinery. Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division, Program Directive: A-263 (2008, January 9), available as a 95 KB PDF.
PR Yes Yes 10/16/2007 NA
SC Yes Yes Revision Pending NA
TN Yes Yes 10/15/2007 NA
UT Yes Yes 11/01/2007 NA
VA Yes Yes 12/15/2007 NA
VI* Yes Yes 10/04/2007 NA
VT Yes Yes 01/01/2008 NA
WA Yes No 03/01/2008 Inspection of Slide-Locks used on Mechanical and Hydraulic Power Presses. DOSH Directive 6.10 (2008, March 1), available as a KB 129 PDF.
WY Yes Yes 11/17/2007 NA
Total 23 20    

* Plan covers State and local government employees only.

[Last updated: June 24, 2008]