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Federal Program Change Summary Report
Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)

Federal Directive Number: CPL 02-00-147
Date of Directive February 11, 2008

This directive (manual) establishes OSHA's enforcement policy for its standards addressing the control of hazardous energy. It instructs OSHA enforcement personnel on both the agency's interpretations of those standards, and on the procedures for enforcing them.
Equivalency Required Intention Required  

to Adopt
URL or Contact
AK Yes Yes 08/11/2008 CPL 02-00-147 Control of Hazardous Energy Enforcement Policy and Inspection Procedures. AKOSH Program Directive 08-11, (2008, August 8), available as a 130 KB PDF.
AZ Yes Yes 05/05/2008 NA
CA No NA NA The Control of Hazardous Energy for the Cleaning, Repairing, Servicing, Setting-Up, and Adjusting Operations of Prime Movers, Machinery and Equipment, Including Lockout/Tagout. California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 3314.
CT* Yes Yes 08/28/2008 NA
HI Yes Yes 05/07/2008 NA
IA Yes Yes 02/25/2008 NA
IN Yes Yes 04/11/2008 NA
KY Yes No 08/21/2008 Michael L. Dixon
MD Yes Yes 10/01/2008 NA
MI Yes Yes 04/01/2008 NA
MN No NA NA MNOSHA Compliance
Phone: (651) 284-5050
NC Yes Yes 04/15/2008 NA
NJ* Yes Yes 05/01/2008 NA
NM Yes Yes 03/17/2008 NA
NV Yes Yes 07/01/2008 NA
NY* Yes Yes 04/24/2008 NA
OR Yes No 08/08/2008 Control of Hazardous Energy Enforcement Policy and Inspection Procedures (Lockout/Tagout). Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division, Program Directive: PD A-156, (2008, August 8), available as a 2.17 MB PDF.
PR Yes Yes 04/17/2008 NA
SC Yes Yes 10/08/2008 NA
TN Yes Yes 04/01/2008 NA
UT Yes Yes 04/30/2008 N
VA Yes Yes 05/01/2008 NA
VI* Yes Yes 05/01/2008 NA
VT Yes Yes 04/01/2008 NA
WA No NA NA Lockout/Tagout (Control of Hazardous Energy). Washington Administrative Code, Chapter 296-803, (2004, November 01).
WY Yes Yes 05/30/2008 NA
Total 23 21    

* Plan covers State and local government employees only.

[Last updated: October 15, 2008]

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