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Federal Directive Number: CPL-02-02-075
Date of Directive: November 20, 2009
This Instruction establishes agency enforcement policies and provides instructions to ensure uniform procedures when conducting inspections to minimize high to very high occupational exposure risk to the virus identified as 2009 H1N1 influenza of workers whose occupational activities involve contact with patients or contaminated material in a healthcare or clinical laboratory setting.
Equivalency Required Intention Required  


Intent to Adopt

Adopt Identical

Date Adopted


AK Yes Yes 12/01/2009 Enforcement Procedures for High to Very High Occupational Exposure Risk to 2009 H1N1 Influenza [50 KB - PDF]
AZ Yes Yes 01/04/2010 NA
CA No No 02/03/2010 NA
CT* Yes Yes 03/04/2010 NA
HI Pending Pending Pending Pending
IA Yes Yes 12/18/2010 NA
IN Yes Yes 02/01/2010 NA
KY Yes No 01/28/2010 Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health Program
MD Yes No 05/03/2010 MOSH Instruction 10-3
MI Yes Yes 01/26/2010 NA
MN Yes No Pending Email, (651) 284-5050
NC Yes Yes 12/07/2009 NA
NJ* Yes Yes 12/02/2009 NA
NM Yes Yes 12/10/2009 NA
NV Yes Yes 04/04/2010 NA
NY* Yes Yes 11/30/2009 NA
OR Yes No 05/03/2010 Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division Department of Consumer and Business Services
PR Yes Yes 12/18/2009 NA
SC Yes Yes 12/03/2009 NA
TN Yes Yes 01/01/2010 NA
UT Yes Yes 01/20/2010 NA
VA Yes Yes 03/15/2010 NA
VI* Yes Yes 12/30/2009 NA
VT Yes Yes 12/01/2009 NA
WA Yes Yes 12/23/2009 NA
WY Yes Yes 01/26/2010 NA
Total 25 24    

* Plan covers State and local government employees only.

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