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Hispanic Outreach

Step 2: OSHA Outreach Resources for Spanish-Speaking Employees

Spanish-Language Outreach Resources

  • Employers may utilize the Spanish-Language Compliance Assistance Resources webpage where they can access OSHA Spanish-language compliance assistance resources to help employers prevent occupational injuries and illnesses of Hispanic workers, comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, and learn about OSHA's cooperative programs. Additionally, this site provides links to Spanish-language outreach brochures, eTools, websites and other information available from OSHA, its regional/area offices, state programs, consultation projects, Federal agencies and other organizations
  • OSHA en Español is the agency’s Spanish-language webpage that provides workplace safety and health information to Spanish-speaking employers, America's largest group of minority business owners, and employees. The page provides an overview of OSHA and its mission, worker and employer rights and responsibilities, a list of resources for employers and workers, and highlights from the agency's extensive website. It tells how to file complaints electronically in Spanish and offers one-stop service for Spanish-speaking employers and employees.

Web Resources

  • OSHA has translated several of is Web pages and tools into Spanish, including:
    • Construction: Preventing Fatalities eTool (eTool de Construcción - La Prevención De Fatalidades)
    • Ergonomics: Sewing and Related Procedures eTool (La Costura y Procedimientos Relacionados: Ergonomía)
    • On-site Consultation Program (El programa de consultación en sitio)
    • Workers Page (Trabajadores)

For more information, see Web Pages in Spanish.


Cooperative Programs

  • Alliance Program. Organizations can work cooperatively with OSHA through its many cooperative programs including OSHA’s Alliance Program. Further, there are numerous national and regional/area office Alliances that have a Hispanic outreach component. Please be sure to contact the OSHA national office or your Regional Alliance Program Coordinator for additional Alliance Program information.
  • Consultation Program. OSHA offers employers, particularly small businesses, free on-site safety and health services through its Consultation Program. Employers can find out about potential hazards at their worksites, improve their occupational safety and health management systems, and even qualify for a one-year exemption from routine OSHA inspections. The Consultation Programs received FY 2002 funding to translate compliance assistance materials into Spanish. Sample results include the Texas Workers Compensation Commission’s Safety and Health Library that lists numerous Spanish-language safety and health fact sheets including hazard communication, heat stress and machine guarding.

Success Stories

Other Resources

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