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    Title: OSHA Requirements for Emergency Response and Preparedness in Construction Industry 29 CFR 1926
    Type: Text and Image Slide
    Content: Additional Requirements for Specific Workplaces/Operations
    - 29 CFR 1926.60: Methylenedianiline (MDA)


    • Develop and implement a written plan for emergency situations where there is a possibility of an emergency:
      • Identify emergency escape routes before construction begins
      • Equipped employees with PPE and clothing until emergency is abated
      • Include elements prescribed in 1910.38 and 1910.39

    • Provide employees with info and training on MDA, IAW 1910.1200(h)
    • Ensure employees who must wear respiratory protection, receive training as per 1910.134
    [Includes image of a sign which reads: "DANGER CONTAINS MDA MAY CAUSE CANCER LIVER TOXIN"]