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OSHA and the Risk Management Society (RIMS) Alliance
Close-Out Report
as of January 31, 2005

On April 14, 2002, OSHA and the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) formed an Alliance that focuses on the exchange of technical information and best practices that demonstrate the cost benefits and business value of safety and health management systems. The Alliance also worked to establish and improve communication between OSHA and member organizations of RIMS. The Alliance agreement was renewed July 8, 2003.

In 2004, staff changes at RIMS limited the Alliance's activities. As a result, there has been limited development of materials, products and activities to meet the goals of the Alliance. Therefore, OSHA and RIMS agreed to conclude the Alliance on January 31, 2005.

However, the groups' initial work together to meet the Alliance goals resulted in some success:
  • In 2003, RIMS surveyed its membership to determine what services and training that OSHA provides and are beneficial to its members.
  • RIMS representatives reviewed and provided comments on OSHA's eTool "Safety Pays."
  • Michael Liebowitz, Vice President, RIMS, gave a presentation entitled "Loss Prevention, Risk Management, and Selling Safety," at the OSHA Compliance Assistance Conference on September 24, 2002 in Tysons Corner, Virginia.
  • OSHA representatives participated in a panel session entitled, "OSHA's Voluntary Guidelines for Ergonomic Injuries," and had an exhibit booth at the RIMS 2003 Annual Conference and Exhibition in Chicago, Illinois, April 6-10.
  • At the RIMS 2004 Annual Conference and Exhibition, April 18-22, 2004 at the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, OSHA had an exhibit booth.
  • Through the Alliance, RIMS developed a RIMS – OSHA Alliance Webpage, on the RIMS Website similar to the OSHA – RIMS Alliance Webpage on OSHA's Website. The RIMS Alliance Webpage provides information on OSHA's Alliance Program and a link to OSHA's Mold guidelines.