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I. Alliance Background

This alliance was formulated between the two parties to recognize and promote the Montana laws regarding contractor usage of the ‘Call Before You Dig” campaign and the awareness to contractors of the OSHA rules and regulations that apply to excavation and trenching activities throughout the state of Montana. In the past several years contractors have been ignoring the laws and regulations thus resulting in several “hits” of underground utility lines causing, and on occasion, disputing services to home owners, businesses, and private property owners.

Date Signed

October 2, 2003


Both parties agreed to promote the other party during outreach, training sessions, presentations, booths, seminars, electronic mailings, media, and personal communications.

Members of Implementation Team

Bud Criner, MUCC David DiTommaso, OSHA Area Director Michael Foreman, OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist


None noted in agreement nor added

Evaluation Period

October 3, 2003 through October 2004

II. Implementation Team Meetings

10/02/04: Signing of the Alliance in the Billings Area Office
11/18/03: Phone conversation with Bud Criner
12/18/03: Meeting with Bud Criner/Billings
2/26/04: Meeting with Bud Criner, Contractor’s Dinner/Billings
4/20/04: Phone conversation with Bud Criner
5/12/04: Phone conversation with Bud Criner
7/22/04: Phone conversation with Bud Criner
8/03/04: Phone conversation with Bud Criner
8/30/04: Meeting with Bud Criner/Red Lodge

MUCC presented the Alliance at over 40 locations throughout Montana to over 500 contractors and sub-contractors.

III. Events and Products

Training and Education

  • Events

    Bud Criner, MUCC, represented the Alliance and OSHA at over 65 meetings with contractors and associations throughout Montana

  • Products

    Power point presentations, outreach letters by MUCC

Outreach and Communication

  • Events: OSHA

    10/15/03: Speech/Helena
    12/11/03: Presentation/Darby
    12/18/03: Speech/Billings
    1/08/04 : Speech/Billings
    1/15/04: Speech/Helena
    2/25/04: Speech/Colstrip
    3/02/04: Presentation/Billings
    3/09/04: Speech/Billings
    3/10/04: Presentation/Colstrip
    3/16/04: Presentation/Billings
    3/24/04: Speech/Kalispell
    3/26/04: Speech/Kalispell
    4/01/04: Presentation/Darby
    4/14/04: Presentation/Darby
    6/21/04: Presentation/Colstrip
    7/15/04: Presentation/Bozeman
    7/15/04: Presentation/Bozeman
    8/05/04: Speech/Billings
    8/30/04: Presentation/Red Lodge
    9/15/04: Presentation/Darby
    9/27/04: Presentation/Colstrip
    9/29/04: Presentation/Missoula
    9/29/04: Presentation/Missoula

  • Events: MUCC

    Bud Criner, MUCC, represented the Alliance and outreach at over 65 meetings throughout Montana

  • Products: OSHA

    Quarterly electronic newsletter to 195 subscribers

Promoting the National Dialogue on Workplace Safety and Health

  • Events

    At virtually every outreach session conducted by Mike Foreman, Compliance Assistance Specialist, and by Bud Criner, MUCC, the Alliance was presented and discussed. Contractors and sub-contractors of every size in the state were represented at each outreach session.

    An estimated 1400 people were in attendance during the past 12 months.

  • Goals

    Training/education: Bud Criner conducted over 60 outreach and training sessions throughout the year to contractors and sub contractors in Montana

    Print/Electronic Media: The OSHA Area Office on a quarterly basis emailed to 195 subscribers a newsletter with references made to our alliance and the “Call Before You Dig:” campaign

    Speak/Exhibit: OSHA made over 20speeches and presentations to contractors, groups, associations, and students defining the hazards associated with trenches and excavations. MUCC conducted over 65 presentations to contractors. MUCC attended 4 conventions and displayed materials and written information to contractors

    Promote OSHA Programs: MUCC promoted partnerships, alliances, and VPP at all presentations.

    Share Information: In September of 2004 the Billings Area Office consulted with the MUCC on a recent gas line explosion that injured a member of the public. Both the MUCC and OSHA are sharing information on the incident

IV. Results

During this one year alliance agreement the MUCC and OSHA have impacted more than 300 companies involved in trenching and excavation throughout the state of Montana. The number of violations by OSHA and the number of violations by contractors has decreased.

On two occasions this year the BAO CSHO’s contacted MUCC for information regarding inspections involving contractors hitting underground gas lines. The information shared was essential to the case file.

V. Upcoming Milestones

Currently both parties would like to extend this alliance to further promote the Montana Utility Coordinating Council, the OSHA rules and regulations, and the Montana state laws with respect to trenching and excavation near underground utility lines. OSHA and MUCC will continue to conduct outreach and training sessions to contractors throughout Montana. MUCC will develop outreach materials defining the “Call Before You Dig: campaign to be distributed to contractors and associations.