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Alliance Participants: Colorado Timber Industry Association (CTIA)
Denver Area Office (DAO)
Englewood Area Office (EAO)

June 22, 2004

  1. Alliance Background

    Date Signed: May 5, 2003

    Overview: The purpose of this alliance was to provide commercial loggers with information and guidance that would help protect employees’ health and safety, particularly in reducing and preventing exposure to commercial logging safety and health hazards.
Implementation Team Members Participating:
Steve Yellstrom Team Leader, EAO
Daniel Rake CSHO, EAO
Dan Holland CSHO, EAO
Brad Baptiste Team Leader, DAO
George Allen CSHO, DAO
Marc Cherveny CSHO, DAO
Nancy Fishering President, CTIA
Steve Schrock Executive Secretary, CTIA
Carlos Pintos US Forest Service
Bob Garcia US Forest Service

Evaluation Period: May 5, 2003 to May 5, 2004
  1. Implementation Team Meetings

    April 26, 2003: OSHA Implementation Team met with CTIA General Membership at the CTIA Annual Meeting in Grand Junction, CO.
    April 25, 2003: OSHA Implementation Team met with CTIA Executive Board at the CTIA Annual Meeting in Grand Junction, CO.
    March 7, 2003: Second planning meeting. Held at the USFS Building. 
    February 19, 2003: Third planning meeting. Held at the USFS Building.
    February 2, 2003: First planning meeting. Held at the USFS Building 

  2. Events and Products

    Training and Education:
    • Events:
      Two compliance officers attended an OTI training course in logging safety. One compliance officer met with the CTIA Safety Director for an afternoon to train him on OSHA’s enforcement role during logging inspections.
    • Products:
      The CTIA Safety Director was provided with inspection checklists and a copy of the OSHA Logging Standard.
    Outreach and Communication:
    • Events:
      During the CTIA Annual Meeting OSHA staff spoke to the group regarding a general review of OSHA, the benefit of participating in an alliance with OSHA and the upcoming Logging LEP.
    • Products:
      All participants at the CTIA Annual Meeting were offered inspection checklists and a copy of the OSHA Logging Standard. Also, the US Forest Service was provided with logging safety checklists and copies of the Logging Standard for distribution with logging permits.
    Promoting the National Dialogue on Workplace Safety and Health
    • Events
    • Products

  3. Results

    Some loggers encountered during LEP inspections stated that they were more aware of OSHA requirements. Other loggers (CTIA members) stated that the alliance had little impact on them since the CTIA failed to disseminate any safety and health information to the membership.
Type of Activity (Conference, Training, Print, and Electronic Distribution, etc.) Number of Individuals Reached or Trained
OSHA talk given during Annual CTIA Meeting 150
OSHA outreach training given one-on-one to the CTIA Safety Director 1
  1. Upcoming Milestones

    Despite repeated attempts by the Area Offices to arrange additional training sessions, provide outreach and meet with the CTIA to discuss safety and health issues, the CTIA was unresponsive. In March 2003 we were informed that we were not invited to the annual CTIA meeting to take place April 23-24, 2004. We sent a letter to the CTIA president on April 15, 2004 stating our willingness to reinvigorate the alliance and continue the safety and health dialogue. No response was received so we have allowed the alliance to expire.

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