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  1. Alliance Background

    Date Signed:

    12/20/2007; renewed on 1/25/2010


    This Alliance was signed to provide Local 21 members and others with information, guidance, and access to training resources that will help them protect employees' health and safety, particularly in reducing and preventing exposure to fall hazards associated with the steel erection industry. The agreement also focuses on a number of goals including:

    Training and education:

    • Work with OSHA to provide expertise to develop training and education programs for Apprentice Iron Workers regarding fall hazards in the steel erection industry, and to provide expertise in communicating such information to employers and employees in the industry.
    • Work with OSHA to provide expertise to develop workplace safety and health curricula on 29 CFR 1926 Subpart R. This will be part of the Apprentice Iron Workers training program as part of their advancement to Journeyman.
    Outreach and communication:

    • Work with OSHA to provide expertise in developing information on the recognition and prevention of workplace hazards, and to provide expertise in developing ways of communicating such information (e.g. print and electronic media, electronic assistance tools and OSHA's and the Local 21 Web sites) to employers and employees in the industry.
    • Speak, exhibit, or appear at OSHA's or Local 21 conferences, local meetings, or other Local 21 events.
    • Work with other Alliance participants on specific issues and projects on Steel Erection that are addressed and developed through the Alliance Program.
    Implementation Team Members

    • Michael Baker
      Business Manager, Financial Secretary- Treasurer
      International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental, and Reinforcing Iron Workers, Local 21

    • Matthew Thurlby
      Compliance Safety and Health Officer
      OSHA—Omaha Area Office
    Evaluation Period


  2. Implementation Team Meetings

    • Meetings were held between the Ironworkers and OSHA to extend the partnership during the month of December 2009. It was agreed that the alliance had provided the apprentice ironworkers with valuable insight regarding the role of OSHA in the workplace as well as training on Subpart R. Both parties agreed to extend the alliance.
    • In December of 2009, a draft of the renewal document was reviewed by both signatories and was accepted. The document was forwarded to Region VII for review and was approved. In January of 2010, the renewal was signed by Mr. Mike Baker, Business Manager for Local 21, and Mr. Ben Bare, Area Director (at the time of the signing) for the Omaha Area Office.
  3. Events and Products

    Training and Education


    Unfortunately due to the decline in commercial construction activity in Nebraska, the Local 21 did not have an apprentice class during 2010. This was the first time in 20 years that they have not had an apprentice class. For this reason, there was very little interaction with the general members of the union.

    Outreach and Communication


    Throughout the course of the year, Mr. Baker was contacted by the Omaha Area Office for status updates as well as any general questions that may have been brought forward by their membership. The interaction was limited to phone calls and no additional training was accomplished.

  4. Results

  5. Type of Activity (Conference, Training, Print and Electronic Distribution, etc.)

    Number of Individuals Reached or Trained





  6. Upcoming Milestones

    OSHA will participate in Subpart R training and OSHA 10 hour courses as each new class of apprentices is assigned. A new class is planned for CY 2011.

    A discussion is planned between the Omaha Area Office and Local 21 on ways the alliance can be expanded into other areas. Up until now the alliance has been used as a tool to accomplished training with the apprentice ironworkers. This practice is being reviewed to determine a course of action for retraining journeyman ironworkers. This will include the journeymen foremen that directly supervise the ironworkers and are responsible for ensuring that each job is conducted in a safe manner.

    Report Prepared by: Matthew Thurlby, Omaha Area Office, Compliance Safety and Health Officer

    For more information, contact the Office of Outreach Services and Alliances at 202-693-2340 or go to OSHA's web page.