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Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the
Nebraska Golf Course Superintendents Association
Nebraska Professional Lawn Care Association
Sports Turf Managers Association
U.S. Department of Labor -- Wage and Hour
The Nebraska Workforce Development -- Department of Labor
Nebraska 21(d) Consultation Project

May 18, 2004 -- September 30, 2005

I. Alliance Background

Date Signed

May 18, 2004


This Alliance addresses safety and health issues in the landscaping and lawn care by using the collective expertise of all members to advance a culture of injury and illness prevention and the sharing of best practices and technical knowledge. The agreement also focuses on a number of goals including:

Training and education:
  • Work with OSHA to provide training on landscaping and lawn care industry hazards, such as noise, chemicals, machine guarding, ergonomics, weather related hazards, for youth and non-English speaking workers.
Outreach and communication:
  • Work with OSHA to develop and disseminate information through print and electronic media, including assistance tools and links from OSHA’s, Workforce Development, Wage & Hour, 21(d) OSHA Consultation, NGCSA, NPLCA, STMA, and OSHA web sites or email links.

  • Share information among OSHA personnel and industry safety and health professionals regarding NGCSA, NPLCA, and STMA’s best practices or effective approaches and publicize the results through outreach by NGCSA, NPLCA, and STMA and through OSHA, Wage and Hour, Nebraska Workforce Development, 21(d) Consultation Program or NGCSA, NPLCA, and STMA developed materials, training programs, workshops, seminars, and lectures.

  • Work with other Alliance participants on specific issues and projects on hazards associated with the landscaping and lawn care industries, such as noise, chemicals, machine guarding, ergonomics, weather related hazards and the use of PPE that are addressed and developed through this Alliance Program.

  • Encourage NGCSA, NPLCA, and STMA chapters to build relationships with Wage and Hour, Nebraska Workforce Development and OSHA’s Regional and Area Offices to address health and safety issues, including noise, chemicals, machine guarding, ergonomics, weather related hazards and the use of PPE.
Promoting the national dialogue on workplace safety and health:
  • Raise others awareness of and demonstrate their own commitment to workplace safety and health whenever OSHA, Workforce Development, Wage & Hour, 21(d) OSHA Consultation, NGCSA, NPLCA, and STMA leaders address groups.

  • Convene or participate in forums, round table discussions, or stake holders meetings on exposure to landscaping and lawn care industry issues such as noise, chemicals, machine guarding, ergonomics and weather related hazards and use of PPE to help forge innovative solutions in the workplace.
Implementation Team Members
Mick Reifert
Bob Witte
Lauren Humphrey


Brad Wood
Phil Pisasale
Mike Connett

Safety Specialist


Richard Tesarek
Gary Hirsh

USDOL -- Wage and Hour
NE Workforce Development

Evaluation Period

05/18/2004 – 09/30/2005

II. Implementation Team Meetings
  • An initial meeting was held at the signing ceremony May 2004.
  • Alliance quarterly meeting held June 18, 2004 In attendance: Landscaping alliance members Bob Witte, Mick Reifert, Eldon Diedrichs, Phil Pisasale, Mike Connett Loren Humphrey not in attendance. Members asked for information on OSHA inspections -- prep for an inspection, also respiratory protection requirements; discussion and outreach materials given on both subjects. Nebraska Golf Course Supt. Assoc. interested in a Speaker about 11/4/2004. OSHA partners will do that -- Mick to give us a call with details as soon as they are available. See December event item below.
  • Contact is made quarterly by phone or email to each of the three associations: NGCSA, NPLCA, STMA.
  • All three landscaping groups: NGCSA, NPLCA, STMA are receiving stakeholder emails of pertinent National, Regional and Area OSHA news, updates or alerts.
III. Activities and Products

Training and Education

  • Speech -- December 6, 2004: NGCSA board meeting, Omaha, Nebraska Speech on Recordkeeping and Hazardous Communication combined with a speech by George Ramirez from Wage & Hour about youth labor laws and overtime.
  • January 2005: NGSCA, NPLCA, STMA board meeting, Omaha, Nebraska Held in conjunction with the Turfgrass Conference, CSHO’s Wood and Pisasale were able to attend the respective board meetings, introduce ourselves and offer outreach materials.
  • July 2005: NPLCA board meeting, Bellevue, Nebraska
Outreach and Communication

  • December 8, 2004: (Ne)STMA Chapter Event, Grand Island, Nebraska
  • Conference -- January 2005: 43rd Annual Conference and Trade Show -- Nebraska Turfgrass Association. Omaha, Nebraska. About 300 people attended the conference and about 100 stopped by to ask questions or receive handout material about OSHA, State Consultation or IRS small business material.

IV. Results
Type of Activity (Conference, Training, Print and Electronic Distribution, etc.) Number of Individuals Reached or Trained
Speech 12/8/05
Conference 1/05
60 attended -- 2500 employees affected
300 attended -- 5000 affected
Electronic Distribution to:

350 members -- 2500 employees affected
100 members -- 600 employees affected
80 members -- 400 + employees affected

V. Upcoming Milestones

OSHA has been asked again to participate in the January 2006 Turfgrass Association Conference. This event will be held January 9-11, 2005. OSHA and Wage & Hour will give a speech during the General Meeting held on 1/11/2005 from 10:30 to Noon. Richard Tesarek anticipates that George Ramirez will participate with Phil Pisasale and Brad Wood on that presentation. There will be a booth spot provided to display outreach materials applicable to the alliance members needs. All three organizations: NGCSA, NPLCA and STMA will be holding board meetings the evening of 1/10/2005 and OSHA representatives will attend the meetings to provide individualized education outreach opportunities and discuss future contact approaches.

Identifying a new group -- Nebraska Nursery and Landscapers -- anticipate making contact and discussing the possibilities of a new avenue to provide outreach materials.