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Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the
Internal Revenue Service
State of Nebraska Department of Revenue
Nebraska Department of Labor—Workforce Development

I. Alliance Background

Date Signed



This Alliance was signed to provide customers doing business with the above stated agencies with information, guidance, and access to training resources that will help them protect employees’ health and safety, particularly in reducing and preventing exposure to numerous hazards and addressing Nebraska’s rising number of fatalities. In addition this alliance will provide employers with tax information to assist them with compliance with federal and state tax laws.

Training and Education:
  • Develop training and education programs focusing on Nebraska fatalities, causes, preventative measures and information related to these fatalities.

  • Develop a training session to be presented to Nebraska contractors at an informational meeting sponsored by the NDR.

  • To inform small businesses of the educational products and services available to them to assist them in complying with their Federal and State tax obligations and accessing these services through electronic or other means.
Outreach and Communication:
  • Develop an informational package about OSHA and services offered to be disseminated by NDR with packages mailed to employers who request tax withholding information and tax ID numbers.

  • Develop and disseminate information through electronic media including electronic tools and links from OSHA IRS, NDR, and NE/OSHA Consultation Web sites.

  • Promote and encourage employer participation in OSHA’s cooperative programs such as compliance assistance, the Voluntary Protection Program, Consultation, and Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP).

  • Develop informational packages and cross-train OSHA, IRS, NDR, and NE/OSHA Consultation personnel on each of the organizations missions and the information that is available to be disseminated to employers.
Implementation Team Members:
  • Catherine Bombere, NE Government Liaison, Internal Revenue Service
  • Todd Timm, Tax Specialist, Internal Revenue Service
  • James R. Dorsey Jr., Manager Taxpayer Services, NE Dept. of Revenue
  • Bonita Winingham, Team Leader, OSHA—Omaha Area Office
  • Matthew Thurlby, CSHO, OSHA—Omaha Area Office
II. Implementation Team Meetings
  • October 2003
  • March 2004
  • June 2004
III. Events and Products

Training and Education

  • On May 3rd, 2004, a cross-training session was held involving the employees of the signing agencies. The purpose of the session was to provide incite to the other agencies regarding the missions and goals of each alliance member.
  • On August 10th and 17th, 2004, the IRS sponsored a Tax Symposium in which a member of the Omaha Area Office presented a session on the history and purpose of OSHA, general requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, and the latest information from the OSHA National Office.
Outreach and Communication

The primary purpose of this alliance has bee the dissemination of OSHA/safety and health information as well as tax information to the employers across Nebraska. This has been accomplished through the methods listed below:
  • Nebraska Safety Council Exposition in April 2004
  • National Safety Council, Greater Omaha Chapter, Exposition in May 2004
  • Various Speaking engagements throughout the state (members of the Alliance)
  • Safety and Health literature provided to the Chambers of Commerce in a number of cities across Nebraska
  • 4700 mailings were completed to small businesses across Nebraska containing information from all of the Alliance members.
  • "Safety and Health Adds Value" pamphlet is distributed by the Nebraska Department of Revenue to every employer in their Tax Withholding Package.
  • E-mail dissemination via IRS stakeholder listing (74,000 employers/employees) with information about OSHA’s website and compliance assistance materials.
V. Upcoming Milestones

The Alliance has planned an Employer Tax and Safety Symposium which will be held on December 15th, 2004. The goal of the symposium is to provide Nebraska Employers with the latest tax, safety, and heath updates.