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Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Kansas City, Area Office
Greater Ozarks Chapter of the Academy of Hazardous Materials Managers (GOCAHMM)
March 4. 2008

Date Signed

September 29, 2006

Time Period Covered by This Report

September 29, 2006– March 4, 2008

Implementation Team

Dan Snyder, President, Greater Ozarks Chapter of the Academy of Hazardous Materials Managers (GOCAHMM)

Mark Banden, Compliance Assistance Specialist, Kansas City, MO Area Office


OSHA and the GOCACHMM formed an Alliance to provide members and others with information, guidance, and access to training resources. Through the Alliance, the organizations work to improve health and safety in the workplace by helping businesses, small businesses in particular, in their efforts to implement effective safety and health management systems.

Providing training on safety and health management systems to employers and employees and sharing best practices to prevent employee exposure to workplace hazards is the focus of an alliance between the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Greater Ozarks Chapter of Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (GOCACHMM).

During the two-year alliance, OSHA and GOCACHMM will work together to provide members and other small businesses with information and guidance to help them protect workers' safety and health and increase access to information and training resources. The alliance will assist in training and education programs on safety and health management systems, the prevention of accidents, accident investigation and analysis, job safety, first aid and other topics.

Alliance Activities

An auto body safety workshop was developed in order to fulfill the goals and objectives of the Alliance. This training workshop was designed to help prepare facilities engaged in auto body repair operations for OSHA enforcement inspections that commenced in mid-February, 2007. Attendance at this Workshop was totally voluntary

Topics Covered
  • Overview of the OSHA Autobody LEP
  • Hazard Identification and Control
  • Respiratory Protection Programs
  • Fire Safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
  • Engineering and Administrative Controls
Training Dates and Locations
DATE: April 25th, 2007
1:00- 5:00 p.m.
Location: Capital Plaza Hotel
415 W. McCarthy Street.
Jefferson City, Missouri

42 people in attendance
DATE: May 10th, 2007
1:00- 5:00 p.m.
Location: Springfield Contractors Association
1313 N. Nias Avenue
Springfield, MO

28 people in attendance
DATE: May 24th, 2007
1:00- 5:00 p.m.
Location: Business and Technology Center of Maplewoods Community College
1775 Universal Avenue
Room 248
Kansas City, MO

37 people in attendance

Alliance Program Reach
Type of Activity Number of Individuals Reached or Trained
Three 4-hour Autobody Training Seminars 107

Future Plans

Plans for this year are to present a series of 4-hour workshops entitled "Basics of Safety Performance for Small Businesses". These workshops will be marketed through local Chambers of Commerce in various cities throughout western Missouri. These plans are contingent upon both the availability of OSHA/GOCAHMM resources and cooperation from the Chambers of Commerce.