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General Purpose of Alliance: To promote awareness and knowledge of safety and health through the joint efforts of the participants with primary emphasis on the delivery of safety training and education for the benefit of employers and employees in the industrial and oilfield and construction industries in the Permian Basin area.

Alliance Participants:

US Department of Labor/OSHA Lubbock Area Office
West Texas Safety Training Center

Name of Alliance:

The West Texas Safety Training Center Oil and Gas, Industrial and Construction Training Alliance


Workers in some of the most dangerous jobs-oil and gas, construction and other industrial work---often receive inadequate safety training. Employers in these fields frequently cannot afford full time safety professionals. Production deadlines and needs of the community sometimes create pressure for safety corners to be cut. The result is a high worker fatality rate. The purpose of this alliance is to provide safety training for those employers and employees. The emphasis will be on how cutting corners can lead to tragic accidents such as trench cave-ins, electrocutions, caught-by, struck-by and caught-between events.


The participants will work together to achieve the following goals related to promoting safety awareness among the above-mentioned industries and meet as often as possible to coordinate training resources that will help employers protect their employee's safety and health. The West Texas Safety Training Center will continue to teach a variety of classes that will be based on the particular hazards frequently encountered by the audience.

Participation in the Alliance is dependent on the voluntary support of the participants and is non-binding. Participants may choose not to participate at any point they feel the Alliance does not serve their interest.


  1. Identification of Worker Training Needs

    The Alliance participants will meet to identify safety and health topics and training methodologies best suited to this group(s) of employees. The West Texas Safety Training Center will work with the Area office to provide formal OSHA classes, develop any seminars that might be given by the employers, joint conferences, as well as classes offered by private entities.
  2. Development of Schedules and Logistical Details for Training

    The Alliance participants will meet periodically to identify any additional training that might be needed and the dates and locations of the training, which groups of employees/employers/general public will be invited, who will teach certain portions of the class, and other critical information.
  3. Identify of Methods of Marketing the Training

    The Alliance participants will explore methods to advertise and promote the availability of training classes, lecturers and seminars

Annual Review of Alliance:

Once a year, participants will have the opportunity to evaluate the progress of the Alliance and suggest ideas by which the Alliance might be improved.

Rich Tapio
Area Director


Phil Young
Executive Director