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Alliance Annual Report

The University of Texas at Arlington

November 27, 2007

  1. Overview

    Date Signed: November 28, 2006

    Synopsis: This Contractor Safety Training Program was not designed to replace training already provided by contractors, but augments these programs with information on unique campus hazards and procedures, construction industry topics and general industry requirements. Protecting the safety and well being of University System employees, students, contract workers and the public in the proximity of construction and renovation sites is a fundamental goal for the purpose of this program.

    Key Alliance Members: OSHA Region VI Fort Worth Area Office, Hunt Construction Group, UT System Office of Risk Management.

  2. Meetings and Communication

    Safety audits revealed negligible findings:
    • Four - recordable injuries since project started on 10/10/06 (Sub-contractor employees)
    • One - First Aid type injury
    • Zero - near misses
    • Zero - damage to equipment and /or structures
    Contractor Comments Shared At Weekly Meetings:
    1. Safety presentations provide clear, uniform instructions for employees
    2. Attitude toward safety has improved because the employees learned that safety is being emphasized from the top down
    3. Onsite training helps employees identify job site specific hazards
    4. The training provided has made the employees more aware of the public, student, and staff presence, as well as their own safety
    5. This program provides ongoing, essential safety reminders that increase employee awareness
    6. This training has reiterated safety as a priority and solidified employee expectations
    Evaluation period: November 28, 2006 to November 27, 2007.

  3. Results Summary

    The jobsite experienced four recordable incidents. Only two of these resulted in lost time
    and two others were recorded as required by OSHA but no lost time was involved. Through
    a collaborative effort with contractors, sub-tier contractors, local and state regulatory agencies,
    and OSHA, this UTA Contractor Safety Training program served as a model for future
    University of Texas System projects. With a focus on creating a safer and healthier
    environment for all those affected by construction activities on a college campus, this program
    supports existing employer safety training programs and greatly contributing to reduction of
    safety related injuries, accidents and illnesses.

    Description of Programs and Products:

    Specific topics in the 131 slide training deck created for this program include but are not limited to:
    • Contractor Obligation, Requirements and Responsibilities
    • Auto, Bicycle, Handicapped and Pedestrian Traffic and Parking
    • Signs, Signals and Barricades
    • Fire Safety, Equipment and Procedures
    • General Safety, Dust, Noise and Odor Control
    • Asbestos, Debris Disposal
    • Spill Prevention and Cleanup
    • Erosion/Sedimentation Control Contaminant Disposal
    • Work Zones within Unique Campus Environment
    • Storm Water Management
    • Hazard Communications
    • OSHA Hot Topics
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Confined Space
    • Trenching and Evacuation
    • Hand and Power Tools
    • Cranes and Forklifts
    • Blood borne Pathogens
    • Lockout/Tagout
    Outcome identified in original program work plan progressed with favorable results:
    • A safer and healthier working environment for construction employees and UTA faculty, staff and students
    • Better construction hazard identification, mitigation, and prevention
    • Increased safety awareness, leading to safer employee work practices
    • Reduced recordable incidents
    • Fewer major and minor accidents and injuries
    • Fewer lost workdays due to work related injuries, accidents and illnesses
    • Increased use of personal protective equipment
    • More self-initiated safety audits by employers and other participating agencies
    • Fewer construction related complaints by UTA faculty, staff and students
    Total Numbers Served:
    Name of Event Numbers Served
    25 Half-Day Classes Conducted Over Project Period 376
    TOTAL 376

    Total Man Hours Worked on Project in Reporting Period – 73,713

  4. Future Goals

    This program has now moved beyond the pilot phase and Contractor Safety Orientation classes are conducted for workers on two additional UTA campus job sites.