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Alliance Background

Date Signed
February 22, 2010

  1. Overview

    To foster a cooperative relationship between OSHA and SIA-SCRC hereby form an Alliance to provide SIA members and others with information, guidance, and access to training resources that will help them protect employees’ health and safety, particularly in reducing and preventing exposure to scaffold related incidents in the construction and general industry.

  2. Implementation Team Members
    SIA: Bill Breault, President

    SIA Committee: Chris Moody, Paula Manning, Eric A. Schmidt, P.E.

    USDOL - OSHA: Mark R. Briggs, AD
    USDOL - OSHA: Mark A. Hernandez, CAS
    USDOL – OSHA: Jim Shelton, CAS

  3. Evaluation Period:

    2-22-10 to 2-22-2011

  4. Implementation Team Meetings:

    a. The Houston South Area Office’s (HSAO) Compliance Assistance Specialists (CAS) attended the monthly Occupational Safety Committee meetings and additional alliance meetings as needed.

  5. Events and Products:
    •  SIA Code of Safety Practices for Frame scaffolds, system scaffolds, and rolling scaffolds
    •  SIA safety checklist for ANSI A10.5 (Material Hoist), A10.4 (Construction elevators), A92.10 (Transport Platform), and A92.9 (Mast climber platform)
  6. Training and Education:
    • Cross-training for CSHO’s on supported, mast climber scaffolds as well as ANSI A10.4, A10.4, A92.10, and A92.9
    • CAS did a presentation on OSHA updates
  7. Outreach and Communication:
    • Sent flyer for supported and mast climber scaffolds to all Region VI 12 areas office.
    • SIA attended the Latino Summit and assisted at the Safety Fair
  8. Promoting the National Dialogue on Workplace Safety and Health
    •  National Alliance with SIA
    • SIA committee members are members of the National Committees which cross-training resources will be shared.

      Type of Activity (Conference, Training, Print and Electronic Distribution, etc.)

      Number of Individuals Reached or Trained

      (2) Cross-training for CSHO’s


      Flyers sent for cross-training


      (3) Meetings


      (1) Safety Fair






    2. Upcoming Milestones
      SIA is working on calendar as well as a flyer for 2011 cross-training. SIA will send Alliance flyer to all local unions inviting to attend the free classes, and incorporate Employee Involvement into the existing free classes, and work on renewing the Alliance.
    3. A planning meeting is scheduled with the Home Builders Association for scaffold training.
    4. SIA will do several local presentations on scaffold safety at local conferences, seminars, and meetings.
    5. SIA will work with Brock Scaffold, a VPP company to assist in conducting multiple presentations at multiple locations.
    6. Outreach: SIA will send a scaffold safety checklist to local scaffold vendors.