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September 2, 2008

  1. Alliance Background

    Date Signed. April 13, 2006.

    Alliance Overview.

    The purpose of the alliance was to use the collective education and experience of the OSHA – WOTA team to collaborate on workplace safety and health issues and to develop products that were useful to the Alliance members’ mutual clients, employers and employees in Wisconsin.

    Implementation Team Members.

    Kim Stille, Madison, Wisconsin Area Director George Yoksas, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Area Director Leslie Ptak, Compliance Assistance Specialist, Madison, Wisconsin. Mary Hughes, OT-R Linda Anderson, OT-R, President of WOTA

  2. Implementation Team Meetings

    No meetings were held during the evaluation period. WOTA is structured in such a way that its committee members, who are WOTA members, participate on their own time. That is, their employers do necessarily pay for them to participate in this alliance. This has hampered the progress of the alliance in that while OSHA staff are paid to attend alliance meetings, WOTA members are not. Although the WOTA members who initially expressed interest in the alliance are strong advocates of employee health and welfare, they do not have the means to work on the alliance on their own time.

    Another impediment to furthering the alliance is the fact that the WOTA members whose practices are centered on returning injured employees to health are located across the state of Wisconsin and they do not make it a point to meet at a central location on a regular basis. WOTA did make an effort to have conference calls and meetings amongst their workplace-injury practice members, but no projects or programs resulted from those communications.

  3. Activities and Products

    Evaluation Period.

    This report covers the time from August 7, 2007 through September 2, 2008.

    Alliance Activity.

    There have been no projects or programs developed as a result of this alliance.

  4. Results
    Type of Activity (Conference, Training, Print and Electronic Distribution, etc.) Number of Individuals Reached or Trained
    TOTAL 0

    The Alliance has not had the desired impact. The OTs who practice in the industrial environment have full time jobs and it is optional for them to participate in the Alliance. Their employers do not strongly support their participation to the extent that they have time to meet to develop or work on projects.

    It is the recommendation of the Madison OSHA office that this alliance be terminated for lack of progress in its stated goals.

    This Alliance concluded September 2, 2008.

    Report Prepared by: Leslie Ptak, Compliance Assistance Specialist, Madison OSHA Office.