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  1. Alliance Background

    Date Signed.

    Renewed March 11, 2008 - Two year agreement

    Alliance Overview.

    The Northwest Ohio Carpenters Alliance provides union leaders and others in the construction industry with information and guidance that will help protect the health and safety of their members. Goals of the Alliance include:

    Training and Education

    • Continue the development of training and education programs based on best practices for working safely in the construction industry and give recognition to the members for taking said training. Share information on best practices, as jointly determined by OSHA and Northwest Ohio Carpenters and their employers through jointly developed training programs and materials. Promote their implementation through print or electronic media, at conferences, or by other means of outreach.

    • Deliver or arrange for the delivery of educational courses specific to the construction industry.

    Outreach and Communication

    • Provide OSHA with access to Northwest Ohio Carpenters newsletters, meetings, and other resources as the means to disseminate information and guidance on workplace safety and health issues.

    • Speak, exhibit, or appear at conferences, local meetings, or other events.

    • Continue liaison contact between Northwest Ohio Carpenters and OSHA to answer compliance questions, discuss current jobsite findings, and current violation trends.

    • Cross-train OSHA personnel and industry safety and health professionals on the Northwest Ohio Carpenters best practices or effective approaches.

    Promoting the National Dialogue on Workplace Safety and Health

    • Increase others' awareness of and demonstrate their own commitment to workplace safety and health whenever Northwest Ohio Carpenters leaders address groups.

    • On a quarterly basis, convene or participate in forums, round table discussions, or stakeholder meetings to discuss safety and health issues and topics of importance to both OSHA and the Northwest Ohio Carpenters.

  2. Implementation Team Members


    Ron Rothenbuhler, Executive Regional Director
    Tim Moran, Business Representative


    Jule Hovi, Area Director
    Charles Shelton, Compliance Assistant Specialist
    Darin Von Lehmden, Safety and Health Compliance Officer

    Implementation Team Meetings

  3. Activities and Products

    Evaluation Period

    March 11, 2008 - March 11, 2009

    Alliance Activity

    Outreach and Communication

    • OSHA/Carpenter Liaison CSHO received several calls throughout the year from Business Agents with various safety and health questions.

    • Informed Union of VPP companies with in Northwest Ohio.

    Alliance Products

    • Due to time constraints and various other conflicts no OSHA staff members could attend the Carpenters' training courses this year.

    • The Carpenters' leadership has been busy as well, which hindered their ability to schedule meetings or events with the office. Over the past year they have been involved in a re-organization of sorts, implementing new programs for their business agents and stewards and enhancing their job site visits. With staff and other changes, no quarterly meetings were held in 2009. The Carpenters rejected our offer to terminate the Alliance, stating they wanted it to continue and hoped that the upcoming year's union activity would free up some time to schedule meetings and events with the office.

    • The Area Director communicated several times with the Carpenters' Executive Director during the FruCon settlement negotiations. This case involved a carpenter who was fatally injured when the bridge scaffold he was working from collapsed causing him to fall 80 feet.
  4. Results

    • Open communication continues between the Northwest Ohio Carpenters and the Toledo OSHA office.
  5. Upcoming Milestones

    The OSHA/Northwest Ohio Carpenters Alliance implementation team has discussed activities for the upcoming year. The Carpenters will continue to allow all of OSHA's Region V personnel to attend any of their Continuing Education Classes at their training facility. A representative of OSHA will continue to speak to classes of Carpenter apprentices. The Carpenters and OSHA are planning to hold an information sharing forum with the local AGC contractors.

    Report Prepared by: Jule A. Hovi, Area Director