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I. Alliance Background

Date Signed.

December 28, 2004

Alliance Overview.

To educate, share best practices, address near misses, and share accident information with all construction trades on the Federal building upgrade project.

Implementation Team Members.

Chris Matthewson (Compliance Assistance Specialist)-OSHA
Allan Dinsmore (Project Executive)-Messer Construction Co.
Brandon Herdman (Safety Coordinator)-Messer Construction Co.
Alison Muth (Director of Safety)-Messer Construction Co.

II. Implementation Team Meetings

All meetings were held on site at the Bricker Federal Building and at each meeting employees’ input and safety and health suggestions were discussed.

January 10, 2006: Eye and hand protection
February 7: Housekeeping and general construction Safety
March 7: Ergonomics-Back Safety and Lifting
April 4: Electrical Safety-The Basics
May 2: Ladder Safety
June 6: No meeting was held due to the fact the job was almost completed and only five workers left on site.

III. Activities and Products

Evaluation Period.

This final report covers from January 2006 until the end of the alliance, June 29, 2006.

Alliance Activity.

  • Training and Education

    CAS met with the safety coordinators prior to the monthly safety meeting to decide the topic. Near misses, accidents, safety suggestions were all reviewed to ensure the topic was relevant for this project. The monthly safety meeting was co-taught by CAS and Safety Coordinator.

  • Outreach and Communication

    On this project Messer Construction Co. was the general contractor for this project.

    Messer Construction Co. has placed a link to the OSHA website on their website, thereby encouraging employees to become involved in the safety and health process.

    All suggestions from the workers on site were reviewed and were added to the monthly safety meeting. For example, workers suggested that during the next safety meeting there should be a discussion on ladders and scaffold safety.

    During this alliance photographs were taken showing best practices from the contractors. These photos were added to a Power Point presentation describing the safety and health successes of this alliance. The Power Point presentation was shared with the contractors to help them improve safety on this jobsite and others. The presentation was a success with the contractors who worked this project.

  • Promoting the National Dialogue on Safety and Health

    Messer Construction Co. has promoted safety and health during their internal meetings as well as daily meetings on the jobsite. The company has kept GSA involved with safety and health issues on the jobsite.

Alliance Products.

  • Training and Education

    Same as above

  • Outreach and Communication

    CAS developed and distributed information bulletins’ at every monthly meeting to reinforce the speaking topics. These bulletins were design for a quick and easy reference. Extra copies were left on the break room table for the workers to review at lunch.

    Power Point presentations were also given at the monthly meeting and hard copies were left for the workers to review.

  • Promoting the National Dialogue on Safety and Health

    Same as above

IV. Results

This report outlines the success that has been achieved during the whole project including the last 6 month period. Total hours worked for the project was 115,000. During the entire job there were only five recordable injuries with no loss time injuries.

OSHA has opened the safety and health communication lines between Messer Construction Co. and GSA. The construction trades believe this is one of the safest jobs they have worked. There have been positive responses from the various trades on this project regarding how fast safety and health issues are addressed and corrected. The trades have been very positive and assisted the company’s safety coordinator in collecting photographs of the jobs depicting their best practices. The photographs are in the Power Point presentation which is attached.
All the work was completed by contractors during the second shift. Worker fatigue was overcome because the trades emphasized the importance of safety to their fellow contractors.

There were five OSHA recordable injuries, which included lacerations, foreign object in the eyes, and back sprain. There were no lost time injuries. The DART rate was 0.00 for the whole project.

The CAS worked very closely with Messer Construction Co. and the contractors. The contractors were appreciative that the CAS attended the monthly safety meetings and offered his assistance in resolving safety and health issues.

Type of Activity
(Conference, Training, Print and
Electronic Distribution, etc.)
Number of Individuals
Reached or Trained
Actual Affected
January 21 150
February 18 195
March 20 130
April 11 150
May 5 100
June No meeting
TOTAL 160 725

V. Upcoming Milestones

The alliance has covered all training issues that were suggested by the contractors and workers, keeping safety in the forefront of all discussions.

The alliance Power Point was completed with all updates and was distributed to all contractors.

GSA, who oversaw this project, has recommended this project for a GSA federal award. The project was within budget and was completed two months ahead of schedule.

The job was officially to be completed June 29, 2006.

Report Prepared by: Chris Matthewson

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