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MAY 1, 2009
  1. Alliance Background

    Date Signed:

    December 21, 2006

    Alliance Overview

    The purpose of the alliance was to use the collective education and experience of the Lyondell Chemicals Company, Morris Complex Contractor Safety Council and the OSHA Aurora Area Office to improve safety performance with the “Contractor Community” at the Lyondell/Basell VPP Star facility, increase participation by small contractors in the contractor safety meetings, and address hazards specific to contractor activities in the petrochemical plant by utilizing the resources of the alliance members.

    Implementation Team Members

    Nancy Quick, CAS, Aurora OSHA Office
    Chair of the Lyondell Contractor Safety Council, Marty Frost (Allied Barton). Previous chairs include Mark Hazzard (Brieser), and Emiliano Chavez (Basic Industries)
    Mark Sasek, HSES Manager, Morris Complex, LyondellBasell and Jo E. Hogue, Senior Health & Safety Specialist, Contractor HSE Coordinator at LyondellBasell, Morris
  2. Implementation Team Meetings

    Lyondell Contractor Safety Council meetings are held monthly. The OSHA Area Office attended meetings on January 31, 2008, August 28, 2008, September 25, 2008, and October 30, 2008.
  3. Activities and Products
    Evaluation Period.
    This report covers December 22, 2007 through December 21, 2008
    Alliance Activity.

    The Lyondell Contractor Safety Council meetings are held monthly, usually the last Thursday of the month. These meetings are an excellent opportunity for contractors to share information. Incidents at other chemical plants are reviewed to help prevent an occurrence at this site.

    The Council set the following 2008 goals:

    • Implement contractor safety council element of site onboarding procedure.
    • Increase MARS quality participation and data review D2A (MARS is the Morris Accident Reduction System, a behavior-based system in which observations are made of tasks and the results tracked in a database).
    • VPP Implementation Best Practice Sharing and Learning’s. (Support contractor VPP implementation. Cover VPP elements at monthly Council meetings).
    • Increase contractor training and communication.
    • Participate in 2010 Turnaround planning.

    Alliance Products.

    Alliance activities have been incorporated into procedures and policies for contractor activities in the Lyondell plant as opposed to the production of “stand alone” products through the alliance.
  4. Results

    LyondellBasell is a VPP Star site, which was approved for continuation in the VPP in 2008. The OSHA Contractor Alliance, initiated in December 2006, includes LyondellBasell, all resident contractors at the site, and the Aurora Area Office. LyondellBasell strongly encouraged and provided assistance to its resident contractors in pursuing VPP certification. Brieser Construction, Basic Industries, and BMW Constructors were VPPC Star certified during the alliance period. In 2009, Allied Barton, the onsite security firm, was also approved for participation in the VPP at the Star level.

    The Contractor Safety Alliance, which meets monthly, was established to discuss not only potential hazards at the site, but ways to improve safety. The Alliance is chaired by a contractor, on a rotating basis. Contractors are involved in the Morris Accident Reduction Systems (MARS), a behavioral-based safety program. LyondellBasell fully supports this project by providing time and resources for contractors to carry out their responsibilities. In addition, the site has appointed a safety officer to oversee the contractor program.
    Some of the excellent outcomes the Contractor’s Council at LyondellBasell has achieved include the following:

    1. The site Contractor Safety Council (OSHA Alliance) drives safety and health excellence, with many members applying and participating in the VPP-C. During the alliance period, three onsite contractors applied for, and were accepted in, the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) at the Star level.
    2. The LyondellBasell facility implemented “MARS”, or the Morris Accident Reduction System. This is a behavioral observation system used by employees and contractors. Results are stored in a database and trends are identified. The program “Data-to-Action” (D2A) involves analyzing data and studying trends for specific areas of the site. Action plans are then developed from the data collected. All information is shared at the monthly Council meetings.
    3. The site had 150 consecutive days “injury free” in 2007. This is quite an accomplishment considering the work and construction operations at a petrochemical plant.
    4. Developed in 2006 by a team of contractors and the Three Rivers Manufacturing Association (TRMA), an Industrial Hygiene program for contractors was rolled out in 2007. Contractors must have a written IH program included as part of their comprehensive Safety & Health program. The IH program includes an exposure assessment process.

  5. Upcoming Milestones

    The Alliance has concluded.

    Report Prepared by: Nancy M. Quick, Compliance Assistance Specialist, Aurora Area Office.