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I. Alliance Background

Date Signed.

June 10, 2005

Alliance Overview

OSHA, JULIE and Illinois Onsite Consultation worked together to achieve training and education, outreach and communication for underground and trenching contractors, subcontractors and laborer employees regarding trenching regulations and hazards, including underground utilities, and to provide expertise in communicating such information to employers and employees in the industry.

Implementation Team Members

Implementation Team Members included: Illinois Compliance Assistance Specialists, Representatives from Illinois Onsite Consultation and JULIE representatives.

II. Implementation Team Meetings

September, 2006 – Peoria CAS has discussions with JULIE on including a number of OSHA slides in the January and February presentations for the 2007 JULIE Excavator Safety Breakfasts. Four slides are developed and shared with Illinois CASs and IDCEO On-Site Safety and Health Consultation. The slides describe the top trenching violation, the National Emphasis Program, BLS data on trenching and the On-site Consultation Program. They became part of the training program presented by JULIE representatives. (See Attachment)

III. Activities and Products

Evaluation Period.

This report covers August 10, 2006 to September 12, 2007

Alliance Activity.

January and February, 2006, JULIE Excavator Safety Breakfasts in 21 Illinois cities. JULIE reps train on utility safety when performing trenching and excavation. OSHA reps present to do short presentations on the Alliance, the role of the CAS, the National Emphasis Programs, introduce representative from IL DCEO Onsite Safety and Health Consultation. OSHA and IL Consultation have booths at all of the training sessions. Participation of contractors was as follows:

Chicago Area – OSHA reps from Aurora, Des Plaines and Calumet City Area Offices and IL DCEO On-site Safety and Health Consultation reps

1/11/07 Mundelein 191 attendees
1/17/07 Lisle 182 attendees
1/18/07 LaSalle 127 attendees
1/24/07 Alsip 147 attendees
1/31/07 Rock Falls 188 attendees
2/2/07 Rockford 358 attendees
2/14/07 Streamwood 112 attendees
2/22/07 Kankakee 212 attendees
2/23/07 Joliet 215 attendees

Central Illinois Area – OSHA rep was CAS from Peoria Area Office and IL DCEO On-site S&H Consultation rep
1/9/07 Decatur 168 attendees
1/12/07 Urbana 289 attendees
1/25/07 Quincy 142 attendees
2/7/07 Moline 170 attendees
2/16/07 East Peoria 262 attendees
2/27/07 Springfield 245 attendees

Southern Illinois Area – OSHA rep was CAS from Fairview Heights District Office
1/16/07 Olney 109 attendees
1/26/07 Marion 171 attendees
2/1/07 Mt. Vernon 184 attendees
2/8/07 Alton 175 attendees
2/9/07 Collinsville 201 attendees
2/15/07 Effingham 205 attendees

Total Attendance at all locations – 4,002 attendees

February 2007 – Peoria CAS invited by Central Illinois JULIE representative to do a presentation at the Illinois Land Improvement Contractors meeting in Stark County. Speech covered trenching accident statistics, the trenching standards and photos of trenching operations. The presentation Attendance – 40 contractors

March 2007 – Illinois Central College invites Peoria CAS to present a training class on the trenching requirements for their on-site contractors. Attendance 15 contractors.

March, 2007 – The JULIE Alliance receives National Recognition in a website posted Success Story. (See Attachment).

June 1, 2007 – The Central Illinois JULIE representative is invited to the Peoria Z Project Conference by Peoria CAS to do a presentation on JULIE and its services, including ensuring underground utilities are identified prior to digging/trenching. Attendance 40 employers.

June 26/27, 2007 – OSHA Calumet City Area Office representatives invited to have a booth at the World of Training Conference (JULIE is one of the sponsors) in Manteno attended by trenching contractors. Over the 2 day period, approximately 75 contractors were provided publications related to their industry and technical assistance.

Alliance Products.

Trench Safety Card created by Peoria Area Office staff – Business card size with sloping requirements on one side and general trenching requirements on the other, created by Peoria Area Office – distribution continued as a popular item at the Safety Breakfasts with over 600 cards distributed. Peoria CAS also distributed it at several construction presentation in FY07. It was laminated for protection of the product.

IV. Results

A. Discuss the impact of the Alliance activities and products during the reporting period.

The OSHA area offices in Illinois continue to reach more contractors, city/county and utility workers on trenching and excavation safety than any other means that has been tried by our Illinois offices to date. JULIE has proved to be a valuable asset in assisting OSHA in getting the word out to the people we need to reach in this dangerous work. This Alliance has been one of the most positive and valuable resources to all of the Illinois Area Offices. At the excavator safety breakfasts alone, we reached 4,002 contractors, and many complimented OSHA on finally having a booth at these events and many asked a variety of questions on trenching/excavation in this non-enforcement atmosphere. The Agency developed Construction-related Quick Cards in English and Spanish on the reverse side were well received. The Peoria Area Office developed Trench Card also continued to be well received.

B. Using the table below, list each activity and the number of individuals reached or trained during the reporting period.

Type of Activity (Conference, Training, Print and Electronic Distribution, etc.) Number of Individuals
Reached or Trained
2007 Excavator Safety Breakfasts in 21 locations 4,002
Illinois Land Improvement Contractors Association 402
Illinois Central College Contractors Seminar 15
JULIE Alliance Success Story at OSHA website Priceless
Z Project Conference JULIE presentation 40
World of Training booth 75
TOTAL 4,172

V. Upcoming Milestones

The 3rd round of winter safety breakfasts are coming up and we will be updating the OSHA slides for the training presentation. Last year, we did not receive the full order of trenching related publications from our government printing office, so we ran out of some by the end of the breakfasts. Our order will be placed this month, so we have enough time to receive the full compliment of publications needed.

We are looking to discussions with JULIE on renewing the Alliance and perhaps, development of a short trenching safety presentation at the breakfast training sessions.

Report Prepared by: Peggy Zweber, CAS, Peoria Area Office

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