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I. Alliance Background

Date Signed.

October 14, 2004
December 11, 2006 Alliance Renewed for 3 years

Alliance Overview

Alliance to provide IHCA members and others with information, guidance, and access to training resources that will help them protect employees’ health and safety, particularly in reducing and preventing exposure to blood, ergonomic, chemical, electrical and physical hazards and for the implementation of effective safety and health programs.

Implementation Team Members

Peggy Zweber, CAS, Peoria (2004) and Debbie Belt, Director of Training, IHCA. Alliance will be turned over to CAS Brian Bothast when CAS Zweber retires in 2008.

II. Implementation Team Meetings

Peggy Zweber, CAS, OSHA, and Debbie Belt, Director of Training, IHCA, met several times during the year and email contact was maintained throughout the year. Information on Site Specific Targeting and the Peoria Area Office Z Project was provided to Ms. Belt for the IHCA’s weekly newsletter. In addition, CAS Zweber and CSHO Styron from the Peoria Area Office had two sessions at the IHCA fall conference in Peoria.

The Alliance was renewed for 3 years in December, 2006 and signed by Michael Connors, Regional Administrator. This is the second year of the Alliance renewal. CAS Bothast has requested a list from Ms. Belt of issues she would like to see OSHA cover in 2008.

III. Activities and Products

Evaluation Period.

This report covers January 11, 2007 to January 7, 2008

Alliance Activity.

As a part of the Alliance, CAS Peggy Zweber and CSHO Becky Styron of the Peoria Area Office spoke at the IHCA Annual Conference, September 17 - 20, 2007, in Peoria, IL, with 2 sessions. Ms. Styron spoke on “OSHA Compliance with Bloodborne Pathogens” on September 18th which covered an explanation of OSHA inspections, materials related to bloodborne pathogens and needlestick prevention; and, effectively maintaining required programs. Ms. Zweber spoke on “Oh My Aching Back! Ergonomics and Nursing Homes” on September 19th which covered ergonomic action triggers and basic tools to use in determining ergo risk, a review of the NIOSH Lifting Guidelines, an example of a Chicago nursing home success story and an explanation of Site Specific Targeting and its effect on the industry. Both sessions received high evaluations from attendees.

Alliance Products.

Handouts were provided at all OSHA presentations on material covered.

IV. Results

The IHCA Annual Conference is a major contact as their membership of over 400 long-term care facilities, is throughout the state of Illinois, so to be invited to speak at this conference is a significant contribution to this alliance. Two presentation sessions were provided in 2007.

Type of Activity (Conference, Training, Print and Electronic Distribution, etc.) Number of Individuals
Reached or Trained
IHCA Annual Conference – Springfield, IL – 2 sessions Potential of over 1,000 management and nurses reached by sharing information
45 attendees in audience in each session.
Newsletter information on Site Specific Targeting and Peoria Office Z Project Hazard Control Program ~400 members receive newsletter
TOTAL ~490

V. Upcoming Milestones

CAS Zweber and Bothast have already had a conference call with Ms. Belt to discuss CAS Bothast becoming the Alliance point person. CAS Brian Bothast has requested a list of topics that the Director of Training, Debbie Belt would like to have OSHA cover. Ms. Belt informed CAS Bothast about the “Call for Presentations” for the September 2008 IHCA conference already on the IHCA website.

Report Prepared by: Peggy Zweber, Compliance Assistance Specialist, OSHA Peoria Area Office