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I. Alliance Background

Date Signed.

January 20, 2004

Alliance Overview.

OSHA and GPCSA formed an Alliance to provide GPCSA members with information, guidance and access to training resources that will help protect employees, particularly in reducing and preventing exposure to construction industry hazards related to falls, being crushed, electricity and amputations.

Implementation Team Members

Peggy Zweber (Area Director – January to November, 2004; and CAS – November to December, 2004); Brian Bothast (CAS – January to June, 2004; and TL-Response – July to December, 2004); and Tim Erickson, President of the Board, GPCSA

II. Implementation Team Meetings

Prior to the commencement of the January agreement, on November 21, 2003, Brian Bothast met with the GPCSA Safety Committee to finalize the Alliance.

III. Activities and Products

Evaluation Period.

January through December, 2004

Alliance Activity.

January 14, 2004, Brian Bothast provided training session on developing an effective Safety and Health Program for GPCSA members and their subcontractors, 45 total employer representatives. The session also covered a S&H Program quiz, multi-employer worksite policy and employer misconduct info.

February 4, 2004, Brian Bothast provided a presentation for the Building Trades with representation from 25 different labor groups. He described Partnerships, Alliances and the goals for the GPCSA Alliance. He also outlined the Walsh I-74 Partnership and other outreach activities.

On February 18, 2004, Brian Bothast provided training on hazard identification to the GPCSA members, related to falls, scaffolds, ladders, excavations, fork trucks, electrical, lead, silica, work zones, traffic control, chemicals, personal protective equipment, cranes, slings, machine guarding, and a variety of other hazards.

On March 23, 2004, Brian Bothast participated in the initial evaluation and future planning meeting with the GPCSA safety committee, executives and President. Three sessions were developed to assist members and attain the goal of reaching one-half of the membership.

On April 29, 2004, Brian Bothast provided a training session for GPCSA members on ways to improve their existing S&H programs, how to identify areas for improvement and how to develop clear goals and measurements for their programs.

On May 20, 2004, Brian Bothast provided training to local contractors on emphasis programs: silica, lead, work zone safety, fork trucks, excavations, amputation prevention, ppe, and a number of other safety and health issues.

Alliance Products.

Power Point presentations were developed on all of the above presentations with handouts to participants.

IV. Results

  1. During the first year of the Alliance, OSHA got a lot of information out to the contractor members of GPCSA. As the Area Office was in transition with changes in the staff, the amount of interaction between June and December was limited. The Alliance has a great potential on providing success stories at the job sites with a few of the contractor employers in the Peoria Area Office Z Project, with one contractor already receiving recognition for his quick thinking at a jobsite where there was a potential silica exposure. We hope to get more of these types of success stories in the second year so that we can increase the interaction and dialogue.

  2. Activities
    Type of Activity (Conference, Training, Print and Electronic Distribution, etc.) Number of Individuals Reached or Trained
    Training – S&H Programs – River City Construction 45
    Training – S&H Programs – GPCSA members 20
    Training – Improving and setting goals on S&H Progs 10
    Training – Building Trades Labor Groups – Partnerships and Alliances 30
    Training – Hazard Identification – GPCSA members 45
    Training – Construction Hazards – GPCSA members 25
    Alliance meeting – Planning for the future of the Alliance with GPCSA Safety Committee 9
    Training – Reviewing existing S&H Programs and Continuous Improvement in Goals 10
    Training – Construction Emphasis Programs at GPCSA member site 93
    TOTAL 287

V. Upcoming Milestones

As stated above, increase the dialogue in the second year of the Alliance to provide some success stories that resulted from the OSHA training and interaction. OSHA plans to meet with the GPCSA Safety Committee, Executive Board and President to develop plans for year two.

Report Prepared by: Peggy Zweber, Compliance Assistance Specialist, 3/16/05