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I. Alliance Background

Date Signed

October 18, 2006


To provide GCDPC members and others in the utilities industries with information, guidance, and access to training resources that will help them protect employees' health and safety, particularly in reducing and preventing deaths and serious injuries from cave-in, electrocution, fire, road work-zones, and other hazards related to utilities work. This Alliance will also have a special focus on emergency preparedness and response activities related to restoring utility services quickly and safely following a major disaster.

Implementation Team Members

Dave Wilson (Assistant Area Director) - OSHA
Howard Eberts (Compliance Assistance Specialist)-OSHA
Joe Igel (President) - GCDPC

II. Implementation Team Meetings

All meetings were held on site and at each meeting members' input and safety and health suggestions were discussed.

October 18, 2006:
January 17, 2007:
February 28, 2007:
April 18, 2007:
May 16, 2007:
August 15, 2007:
September 19, 2007:
Alliance Signing and Meeting
Alliance Meeting & OSHA Update
Annual DIG Safety Dinner – Trench Safety Training
Alliance Meeting
Alliance Meeting & VPP Training
Alliance Meeting
Alliance Meeting

III. Activities and Products

Evaluation Period

This report covers October 16, 2006 to September 23, 2007.

Alliance Activity
    • Training and Education

      Assistant Area Director (AAD) and Compliance Assistance Specialist (CAS) met with the GCDPC President prior to all Alliance meetings to decide future training topics. OSHA Representatives conducted training during some GCDPC meetings, including an OSHA Update on January 17th, excavation safety training on February 28th, and OSHA's VPP program update on May 16th, 2007.
    • Outreach and Communication

      The GCDPC has promoted OSHA on its website and newsletters. The GCDPC President agreed to do a joint excavation safety presentation at the OSU-OSHA Safety Day on January 23, 2008. The 8th Annual DIG Safety Dinner was held on February 28, 2007 and was attended by three OSHA representatives.
    • Promoting the National Dialogue on Safety and Health

      During the course of the alliance, GCDPC promoted the alliance, as well as safety and health issues during internal safety meetings and also at public conferences held with other organizations. They also shared the information at other Damage Prevention Council chapter meetings throughout Ohio.

Alliance Products

    • Training and Education

      The GCDPC promoted the OSU-OSHA Safety Day and provided handouts from OSHA on excavation safety and OSHA's VPP program to members.
    • Outreach and Communication

      OSHA's website and handouts were linked to GCDPC's website and meeting minutes.
    • Promoting the National Dialogue on Safety and Health

      Same as above

IV. Results

The OSHA Columbus Area Office and the GCDPC have both increased knowledge in the areas of construction activities and "Call Before You Dig" information from the Ohio Utilities Protection Services (OUPS). Networking between OSHA and GCDPC has improved OSHA's relationships among private utilities companies and contractors, as well as state and local agencies. This has increased OSHA's ability to spread safety and health information, especially on excavation safety and improved safety and health management systems, for all members of the GCDPC.

V. Upcoming Milestones

The Alliance officially ends on October 18, 2008.

Report Prepared by: Howard Eberts, Compliance Assistance Specialist

For more information, contact the Office of Outreach Services and Alliances at 202-693-2340 or go to OSHA's website.