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I. Alliance Background

Date Signed

January 6, 2005

Alliance Overview

OSHA and Galesburg Area Safety Health and Environmental Network (GASHEN) formed Alliance to provide participants and others with information, guidance and access to training resources that will help them protect employees’ health and safety, particularly in reducing and preventing exposure to ergonomics, electrical, emergency action, machine guarding and lockout hazards and addressing recordkeeping requirements.

Implementation Team Members

Peggy Zweber, Compliance Assistance Specialist and Constance Thurman, Director, Center for Manufacturing Excellence (CME), Carl Sandburg College

II. Implementation Team Meetings

January 5, 2005, Signing Meeting with original Director, Dennis L. Anderson and some of the members of GASHEN. CAS Zweber did a presentation on effective Safety and Health Programs which included a short evaluation checklist for members to determine the status of their S&H Program.

This group meets only 4 times per year and the original signatory Director requested OSHA presentations at each meeting. The CAS and he developed a list of appropriate topics and he agreed to choose one prior to the meeting and notify the CAS.

Prior to the second quarterly meeting, the director at Carl Sandburg College, CME, changed and the new director was not fully briefed of all activities in the transition. In addition, the CAS was not available in the early part of the year and requested someone to attend the April meeting in her place. Due to changes in the OSHA management of the Area Office, that did not occur. Upon learning that the third quarterly meeting was happening while the CAS was out-of-state, a request was again made to have another staff member attend but that did not occur.

August 15, CAS made appointment with new Director, Constance Thurman, reviewed Alliance, explained CAS position, discuss VPP and the office customer service program, the Z Project. CAS advised new director of speaking plans made with last director. October meeting already had another speaker scheduled on Workman’s Compensation. Ms. Thurman planned to have a discussion with the membership during the October meeting regarding future presentations by OSHA. Plans were made to do an OSHA recordkeeping presentation for the January meeting.

After the October meeting, Ms. Thurman requested the OSHA recordkeeping presentation be deferred to April, 2006, as the group wished a followup presentation from a doctor on determination of compensable injuries. The CAS attended the January 10, 2006 meeting and spoke to the membership after the presentation, reviewing the Alliance, CAS position, and advised of topics that OSHA agreed to cover during the course of the Alliance, requesting from the membership their interests in specific topics. Membership would give feedback at April meeting.

III. Activities and Products

Evaluation Period.

January 5, 2005 to January 5, 2006

Alliance Activity.

January 5, CAS Zweber did presentation on effective Safety and Health Programs. Checklist provided for members to quickly evaluate their own S&H Program status and see areas where improvement was warranted.

April through December, 2005 – Membership sent the Area Office newsletter electronically.

January through December, 2005 – Progress of Z Project (hazard prevention and control program) periodically reviewed with membership electronically.

August 15, 2005, meeting with new Director, reviewed Alliance and make plans for the remainder of the year on topics.

January 10, 2006, CAS met with membership at regular meeting to review Alliance and get feedback on expectations of membership for presentations/information from OSHA.

Alliance Products.

See Alliance Activity above.

IV. Results

A. Due to transitions in Director of college and Area Director of OSHA Area Office, the Alliance did not reach its full potential. Second year should be more on track.

B. Activity

Type of Activity
(Conference, Training, Print and Electronic Distribution, etc.)
Number of Individuals
Reached or Trained
Training on Effective Safety and Health Programs with checklist 20
Electronic Distribution of 9 monthly Area Office newsletters 75
Electronic Distribution (5x’s) of Z Project (Hazard Prevention and Control Program) 75

C. Other issues that affected Alliance implementation. CAS availability challenged by health.

V. Upcoming Milestones

April 2006 meeting - Presentation on Recordkeeping with checklist for the membership.

Report Prepared by: Peggy Zweber, Compliance Assistance Specialist