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  1. Alliance Background

    Date Signed

    May 18, 2008

    Alliance Overview

    The alliance was developed to provide carpenters and other construction workers with information, guidance, and access to training resources that will help protect employees' health and safety, particularly in reducing and preventing exposure to falls and other hazards associated with the installation of drywall.

    Implementation Team Members

    Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters
    - Tom Kavicky, Vince Sticca, Bill Hanson, John Drozdek

    Contractors (RCEC/GDCNI) - Dennis Warner, Jo DeFranco, Cathy Kirin, Darrell Paigen, Jose Meza, Charlie Vasconez, Mike LeGood, Tony Reibel, JonathonWilder, Gene Touchtone, Chris Schaffer, Mike Wesner

    OSHA - Jim Martineck, Josh Moore, Nancy Hauter

  2. Implementation Team Meetings

    There were no Implementation Team Meetings in the past year.

  3. Activities and Products

    Evaluation Period

    This report covers the time period of May 19, 2009 to May 19, 2010.

    Alliance Activity

    There was no alliance activity during the evaluation period.

    Alliance Products

    No Alliance products have been produced during the evaluation period.

  4. Results

    Currently, the Alliance has not yielded any measurable results.

  5. Upcoming Milestones

    The Alliance has expired as of May 19, 2010. Due to the lack of activity the Alliance will not be renewed. All parties have been notified of the decision to let the agreement expire. Efforts will be made to work on an informal basis in the future.

    Report Prepared by: Jake Scott