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I. Alliance Background:

Date Signed

Originally signed on December 11, 2003
Renewed on February 27, 2006


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Sunshine Safety Council, Inc formed an Alliance to provide the Sunshine Safety Council, Inc. members and others with information, guidance, and access to training resources that will help protect employees' health and safety by implementing work zone safety and control programs and effective safety and health management systems.

Implementation Team Members

The implementation team consisted of representatives from the Northeast Florida Safety and Health Council and the OSHA Area Office in Jacksonville, Florida.


Same as above

Evaluation Period

The Sunshine Safety Council Alliance milestone report covers the period January 1, 2007 through December 31, 2007.

II. Implementation Team Meetings

Representatives from OSHA and the Sunshine Safety Council participated in the following meetings: 02/07/07, 03/29/07, 4/23/07, 5/23/07, and 12/13/07

III. Events and Products

Training and Education


  • None


  • None

Outreach and Communications


  • The Sunshine Safety Council received recertification for the Florida Department of Transportation's 8-hour Intermediate MOT (Maintenance of Traffic) Refresher course, and received approval to continue to teach the 16-hour Intermediate Management of Traffic course.
  • OSHA provided information about the Alliance at the Florida Workers Compensation Conference in Orlando in August 2006.
  • The Sunshine Safety Council partnered with other Florida Safety Councils to provide the MOT refresher course throughout the state.
  • The Sunshine Safety Council, Inc. displays “Zelda” (a mannequin) in proper work zone apparel in its window display to communicate work zone safety to pedestrians and drivers.
  • The Sunshine Safety Council, Inc. distributed information for driver safety in work zones at numerous safety & health fairs/displays; e.g. The Senior Expo which had approximately 4,000 attendees; as well as safety & health fairs for the local entities such as: Raydon Corporation, The Homac Companies, Council on Aging, plus several church groups.


  • The Sunshine Safety Council, Inc. has continued a cooperative relationship with the IMSA (International Municipal Signal Association) to provide work zone related training to persons needing the IMSA certification.
  • Work zone safety information was incorporated into the Council's Principles of Safety Management (PSM) courses where applicable. The courses included Incident Reporting & Investigation, How to Develop a Safety Program, Loss Control and Employment Screening & Safety Orientation.
  • The Sunshine Safety Council provide work zone information and "talking points" to the Council's staff of traffic safety instructors for incorporation into their presentations to driver improvement students.
  • Sunshine Safety Council developed and posted a new website, to promote safety awareness events, such as Work Zone Safety Week, Fire Safety Week and others.
  • OSHA continues to post this success story on the OSHA web page.
  • In Coordination with their State Association, the Sunshine Safety Council sent to all local media safety and health news releases that were focused on holiday events.
  • Through a safety awareness grant from GEICO, SSC obtained an “Impaired Driver Awareness Pedal Car” to use at above community events. With the use of special goggles, the pedal car simulates a 0.08 blood alcohol content level of visual impairment. This allows participants to experience and appreciate the hazards associated with impaired driving in a secure environment.
  • Sunshine Safety council is an authorized Host Training Site for the University of South Florida's OSHA Training Institute Education Center.

IV. Results

Type of Activity (Conference, Training, Print and Electronic Distribution, etc.) Number of Individuals Reached or Trained
Talking Points to Traffic Safety Instructors 4700 Students/drivers
Work zone safety training 373 Employees and Supervisors
International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) trained for IMSA certification. 148 Employees and Employers
Distribution at Safety and health Fairs and the Senior Expo 4000 Attendees
Work Zone training provided during the February Lunch and Learn at the Sunshine Safety Council for Hexavalent Chrome and OSHA first Aid training. 27
Work Zone training provided during the March 10-hour course for General Industry at the Sunshine Safety Council 11
Work Zone training provided in the April OSHA OTI 502 course held at the Sunshine Safety Council 11
Work Zone Training provided in the May Fall Protection training held at the Sunshine Safety Council 15
Work Zone Training provided in the December Hexavalent Chrome training that was given at the Sunshine Safety Council 21
TOTAL 9306 - Individuals Reached or Trained

V. Upcoming Milestones

  • OSHA will provide an OSHA update at an upcoming lunch-and-learn session.
  • The Sunshine Safety Council, Inc. and the Jacksonville OSHA Area Office are looking into ways that they can provide training and outreach for fleet safety. The main focus of this would be awareness for employees to wear their seatbelts when driving for their employers.
  • The Sunshine Safety Council, Inc. is providing help to the Jacksonville OSHA Area Office to get an Alliance with the Volusia County Schools apprenticeship program.