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    Title: Human Transfer points
    Type: Text Slide

    • From Ticket counter to conveyor
    • From Conveyor to Bag cart
    • From cart to Beltloader
    • From beltloader to aircraft bin
    • And reverse (Exception- ticket counter)

    Speaker Notes:

    It is not that the systems in place are inherently flawed, but there is too much human intervention in the transfer points.

    - Airline employees must lift and twist when transferring baggage from the ticket counter bag well to the conveyor behind them.
    - other employees must lift the bags off on the conveyor and stack them on carts for transport to the aircraft
    - still other employees are required to manually unload baggage piece by piece from the carts and place them on mobilized conveyors called beltloaders.
    - And arguably the most ergonomically unsound lifting occurs with employees on their knees in the cramped confines of an aircraft cargo bin

    All of this occurs, only to have the process reversed by other employees once the aircraft arrives at its final destination.