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    Title: Walk Around Inspection
    Type: Text Slide

    • The main purpose of the walk around inspection is to identify potential safety and/or health hazards in the workplace
    • Walk around includes:
      - Evaluation of safety and health program
      - Recording of all facts pertinent to an apparent violation
      - Collecting samples
      - Taking photographs and video
      - Interviews

    [Includes OSHA logo]

    Speaker Notes:

    Apparent violations shall be brought to the attention of employer and employee representatives at the time they are documented. For each apparent violation, CSHOs will record (at a minimum) the identity of the exposed employee, the hazard to which the employee was exposed, the employees proximity to the hazard, the employers knowledge of the condition, and the manner in which important measurements were obtained.

    The CSHO determines as soon as possible after the start of the inspection whether sampling, such as but not limited to air sampling and surface sampling, is required by utilizing the information collected during the walk around and from the pre-inspection review.

    Summaries of the results are provided to the appropriate employees and employer representatives.

    Interviews - Section 8(a)(2) of the Act authorizes the CSHO to question any employee privately during regular working hours in the course of an OSHA inspection. Individual interviews are authorized even when there is an employee representative present.