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    Title: MyOSHA
    Type: Image Slide
    Content: Screen shot of the MyOSHA Web personalization feature

    Speaker Notes:

    Visitors to OSHAs homepage also can visit the new MyOSHA Web personalization feature and sign up to create a personalized web page of links to OSHA online resources.

    Users can customize the content of their personalized pages by choosing links from categories that include "Industry," "Safety and Health Topics," "Whats New," "Audiences," "Publications," "Laws and Regulations," "Strategic Management Plan Areas of Emphasis" and "Working with OSHA."
    Users can create a MyFavorites Category with links to any OSHA Webpage (except PDF documents) by clicking on the MyOSHA icon that appears at the top every OSHA Webpage and selecting the "Add to MyOSHA" page link. They also can customize the background color (red, yellow, blue, green, and purple) and the layout of their personalized page, choosing between a one- or two-column format and arranging the location of their categories on their page.
    MyOSHA features a tutorial to introduce new visitors to the tool. The tutorial walks visitors through the set up process and explains MyOSHAs many features. MyOSHA also includes randomly rotating eTips to educate users about OSHA and the agencys website. The eTips will appear at the top of the users personalized page and will change each time the user accesses their MyOSHA page.

*MyOSHA no longer exists