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    Title: DeBourgh Manufacturing
    Type: Image Slide
    Content: Screen shot of OSHA's DeBourgh Manufacturing Webpage

    Speaker Notes:

    DeBourgh Manufacturing Company of La Junta, Colorado, a custom athletic, corridor, and industrial wardrobe locker manufacturer employing 110 workers, was targeted for OSHA compliance inspections due to their high injury rates. DeBourgh had upwards of 30 recordable incidents in 1997.

    To date, the company boasts a Total Recordable Case (TRC) Rate of less than 1.0 and a Days Away, Restricted, and/or Transfer (DART) Rate of 0.0.

    Also, news worthy, DeBourgh's insurance costs have dropped significantly and their already low Experience Modifier Rate (<1.00) is expected to drop even lower this year.

    "No job is worth the risk of injury," says Steve Berg, President/Owner/CEO of the company. "DeBourgh has the highest respect and care for each of its employees. Their safety and well-being are paramount to our success as a company." When the possibility for participating in the Safety and Health Achievement and Recognition Program (SHARP) was first proposed to the company, there was no hesitation that they wanted to pursue this goal. They have been participating in Colorado Consultation since 1999.

    Their first SHARP certificate was awarded in February 2000. DeBourgh is currently on its fourth SHARP certificate. Thanks to a management team committed to incorporating "excellence" in safety and health into their already existing employee benefits package.

    DeBourgh has been awarded the SHARP Employer of the Year Award!