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    Title: Consultations Participation in OSHA Cooperative Programs
    Type: Text Slide

    • Signatory on 93 Regional and 24 National Alliances.
    • Signatory on 64 OSHA Strategic Partnerships and supports an additional 77.
    Speaker Notes:

    There are 70 National and 278 Regional Alliances Consultation is a signatory on 93 Regional and 24 National Alliances.

    There are 225 current OSHA Partnership - Consultation is a signatory on 64 and supports an additional 77.

    ALLIANCE) The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

    • (NFIB) is supporting OSHAs Hispanic Fairs
    • The fairs are sponsored by USF Safety Florida (Floridas Consultation Project).
    • NFIB is also sending letters to approximately 1,000 members in the area to promote the Florida fairs
    • The last fair was: South Florida Hispanic Safety Fair: June 4, 2005 in Homestead, FL.
    • The next fair is: Central Florida Hispanic Safety Fair: Aug. 20, 2005 in Kissimmee, FL.
    (ALLIANCE) American Pyrotechnics Association (APA)

    • APA is providing training on display pyrotechnics to OSHA staff in several Regions in May and June 2005.
    • Consultation Projects Officers are expected to participate at these events.
    • 4 trainings have occurred in PA, FL, and TX
    • The next training is: Region VII : June 22 in Kansas City, MO
    (OSP) Foundry Ergonomic Partnership:

    • Region V Signed March 14, 2003
    • 6 employers, over 5,000 employees.
    • State consultants are present at every quarterly meeting and take part in the foundry tours.
    • Wisconsin Aluminum reduced the ergonomic injury and illness rates by  43% reduction over a 4 year period.
    • Waupaca Foundry implemented an engineering control in the core room that cut shoulder and back injury costs from $150,000/year to about  $5,000 after the first 10 months.