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OSHA QuickTakes Photos - August 15, 2011

Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis
Photo by Al Hartmann, The Salt Lake Tribune

At OSHA's Salt Lake Technical Center Aug. 11, Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis, right, examines a neoprene cooling vest used in the field by Jedd Hill, a member of OSHA's Health Response Team.

Construction workers in Decatur, Ga.
Construction workers in Decatur, Ga., talk about the dangers of heat illness during OSHA’s co-sponsored Georgia safety 'stand-down' Aug. 3.
Center grain unloading auger.
Illustration: John A. Kramer, Safety Measures in Handling Stored Grain, Kansas State University.

A center grain unloading auger draws grain from the top center and the grain forms a cone as the bin is emptied.

Photo contest entry by Melanie Mesaros.
OSHA Picture It! Safe Workplaces for Everyone photo contest entry by Melanie Mesaros.