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- NPR - National Partnership for Reinventing Government -

1999 Reinventing Government Employee Survey
Continuous Improvement Strategy
for the Occupational Safety & Health Administration
U.S. Department of Labor


This document presents the results of the second government-wide employee survey jointly sponsored by the National Partnership for Reinventing Government and the Office of Personnel Management. The survey was administered in 46 government organizations to assess employee satisfaction especially in relation to reinvention efforts. Below are OSHA's key survey findings and the agency's next steps in response to the survey.

Key OSHA Survey Findings
Areas Where the Agency is Doing Well

OSHA continues to emphasize the importance of employee satisfaction and is doing well in several key areas of the survey. Survey results showed that the agency:
  • provides employees with the electronic access to information needed to do their jobs;
  • uses teams to accomplish goals;
  • has a streamlined process for procurement of small purchases;
  • ensures that management and unions work cooperatively to solve agency problems; and
  • uses plain language in its regulations and procedures.

    And, of special note, employees report productivity gains in their individual work units, a testament to the success of our process improvements.
Areas of Concern

While OSHA improved its performance in many areas since last year's survey, a few areas indicate the need for greater emphasis by the agency.

One of these is customer service. Too many employees said they had not been trained in providing high-quality customer service. Some also are not aware of goals for meeting customer expectations, and they felt that systems for linking customers' feedback and complaints to employees who can act on the information could be better defined.

Another area of concern is the rewarding of employees for teamwork, even though as noted above most teamwork questions continue to draw high scores from employees.

Next Steps
OSHA will immediately:

  • Share the survey results with employees and their unions and continue to work with them to address areas of concern.

  • Form a task force to update our customer service action plan, identify areas for improving employee training in customer service and increasing communication among employees.

  • Report more often to employees on rewards and recognition provided to their co-workers and on other steps taken in response to the survey.

  • Conduct discussions in each work unit about operations and improvements that can be made.

Long Term Improvement Plan
  • Share the updated customer service action plan with our staff; educate employees on the implementation of the plan; and provide additional staff training on customer service.

  • Develop employee satisfaction objectives and strategies as part of OSHA's strategic plan.

Statement of Commitment

"OSHA is committed to excellence in workplace safety and health. Our Strategic Plan focuses on reducing injuries and illnesses, increasing awareness of safety and health and securing public confidence in our programs and services. We strive to achieve these goals through the principles of customer service, employee satisfaction, and continuous improvement. We recommit ourselves to these precepts and continue to sharpen our focus on our ultimate goal: sending every worker home whole and health every day."

Contact for More Information:

Mr. Bill Wright, OSHA Public Affairs Office
Phone: (202) 693-1999
FAX: (202) 693-1634

NOTICE: This is an OSHA Archive Document, and no longer represents OSHA Policy. It is presented here as historical content, for research and review purposes only.