Region 6 - Alliance Annual Report - August 8, 2018

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Baton Rouge Area Office and Dallas Area Office
And the
ArkLaTex Chapter of the STEPS Network
August 8, 2018

  1. Alliance Background

    1. Date Signed

      Original signed March 19, 2009 and last renewed on November 8, 2017

    2. Evaluation Period

      July 7, 2017 through August 8, 2018

    3. Overview

      The Alliance with The ArkLaTex chapter of the STEPS Network, and the Baton Rouge, Dallas Area OSHA Offices is directed towards reducing injuries, illnesses and fatalities in the Oil and Gas industry. The ArkLaTex chapter of STEPS offers industry Safety Managers an opportunity to meet and have dialog / training on safety and health issues trending in the oil and gas drilling and servicing industry.

    4. Implementation Team Members


      Basil Singh, Area Director, Dallas Area Office
      Dorinda Folse, Area Director, Baton Rouge Area Office
      Elias Vela, Compliance Assistance Specialist, Dallas Area Office
      Will Herbert, Compliance Assistance Specialist, Baton Rouge Area Office

      The ArkLaTex Chapter of STEPS

      Liz McDaniel, President ArkLaTex STEPS
      Phillip Crutcher, Executve Assistant

  2. Implementation Team Meetings

    DAO Area Director Basil Singh and Compliance Assistance Specialist (CAS) Elias Vela presented briefings and Power-point presentations at two ArkLaTEX STEPS meetings, where an audience of approximately eight attendees participated in question and answer sessions.

    OSHA outreach literature was distributed to the attendees. CAS Elias Vela met with members on a routine basis to discuss OSHA updates on regulations, Oil and Gas Industry accident statistics, navigating the OSHA website, and promoting attendance of the OSHA Oil & Gas Safety Conference in December 2018.

  3. Results

    The following table summarizes the Alliance's activities in support of the goals in the Alliance agreement.

    Participation in the alliance has helped maintain and improve the knowledge and sharing of best practices. In addition to the meetings covering National Safety Stand-Down for Falls in Construction, heat stress, distracted driving, distracted driving policies, and other topics, information on fatality trends, and best practices, was provided. During these meetings, OSHA outreach literature was distributed to the attendees.

    These tables are best viewed on tablets, notebooks, or desktop computer screens.

    • Outreach and Communication: Develop information on the recognition and prevention of workplace hazards, and ways of communication such information working in Arkansas, Louisiana, and East Texas. To speak, exhibit, or appear at the Participants' conferences, local meetings, or other events.
    Activity Type Activity Name/Summary OSHA Areas of Emphasis Supported Number Reached
    Nov 8, 2017 Outreach PPT presentation, Alliance renewal agreement signed OSHA Update, fatality statistics.


    Jan 31, 2018 Outreach PPT presentation OSHA Update, fatality statistics.




  4. Evaluations

    Previous evaluation was conducted on or about July 7, 2017.

  5. Upcoming Milestones

    The second Wednesday of every other month, the CAS from the DAO and BRAO will address the attendees of the ArkLaTex STEPS meetings and provide information on worker's rights to a safe and healthful work environment, and employer responsibilities.

    The declining number of attendees at the bi-monthly meetings resulted decision by the ArkLaTex Chapter of STEPS to cancel some meetings.

    A meeting, or conference call will take place as soon as practical, to discuss continuing the Alliance between ArkLaTex STEPS and the DAO & BRAO.

Report prepared by: Elias Vela, CAS Dallas Area Office, Aug 8, 2018.