Region 6 - Alliance Annual Report - August 26, 2014

U.S. Department of Labor
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration
The Dallas Area Office and Baton Rouge Area Office
The Ark-La-Tex STEPS Network
Aug 26, 2014

  1. Alliance Background

    1. Date Signed

      May 8, 2013

    2. Evaluation Period

      May 8, 2013 through Aug 26, 2014

      End Date: May 8, 2015

    3. Overview

      The Alliance with the Ark La Tex STEPS Network and the Dallas Area Office (Primary) and Baton Rouge Area Office was established with the purpose of reducing injuries, illnesses and fatalities in the oil and gas exploration and production industry. The STEPS Network holds a monthly safety meeting where best practices and incident trends are discussed, and guest speakers provide safety information to address hazards in the industry.

    4. Implementation Team Members


      Stephen Boyd
      Area Director (A.D.), Dallas Area Office
      Dorinda Folse
      Area Director (A.D.), Baton Rouge Area Office
      Elias Vela
      Compliance Assistance Specialist (CAS), Dallas Area Office


      Larry Cooper
      President (2014), ARK LA TEX STEPS
      Phillip Crutcher
      Tech Assist (2014) ARK LA TEX STEPS
  2. Implementation Team Meetings

    After the signing of the Alliance, coordination and planning was conducted through phone, email, and monthly safety network member meetings.

    Ark-La-Tex STEPS Network meetings were conducted on the second Wednesday of each month throughout the evaluation period. The OSHA CAS was present and conducted OSHA Inspection updates regarding hazard identification and statistical accident information.

  3. Events and Products

    Training and Education

    • Events

      • Oil and Gas Safety Stand-Down Month March 2014
    • Seminars

      • The purpose of the Ark-La-Tex STEPS Network is to provide a safety forum for companies and organizations involved in the oil and gas exploration and production industry to meet on a monthly basis to discuss accident trends, best practices, disseminate safety information, and have speakers talk on relevant topics to safety in the exploration and production field. Meetings are held monthly and last approximately two hours.
    • Products

      • A resource slide presentation was developed with industry related safety information and distributed to hundreds of companies in the oil and gas industry.
      • The website

    Outreach and Communication

    • Events

      • Monthly safety forums (second Wednesday of each month)
    • Products

      • Website, facilitated the dissemination of information to the industry in the East Texas, South Arkansas and North Louisiana areas.

    Promoting the National Dialogue on Workplace Safety and Health

    • Events

      • No National dialogue at this time
    • Products

      Products and Notes from Rick Ingram, Chairperson National STEPS Network:

      • The Ark-La-Tex STEPS Network Executive Committee is currently updating the National Charter and Bylaws.
      • The API, AESC and the STEPS Network recently submitted comments to the WH Office of Management and Budget regarding proposed changes to the NAICS Codes for our industry.
        • Created a proposal letter.
      • Cooperative efforts by the STEPS Network, along with OSHA, AESC, NIOSH and API produced a Hazard Bulletin for Hydraulic Fracturing
      • A Safety Management System benchmarking exercise is being drafted as a tool for operating companies to share data and best practices.
      • Ark-La-Tex STEPS preparing for the upcoming 2014 OSHA Safety and Health Conference being held in Houston December 2nd and 3rd.
      • Preparations for a National STEPS Network meeting to be held on the morning of Thursday, December 4th at the same venue from 08:00 to 12:00. Note: Website has averaged approximately 15,000 hits each month; SafeLandUSA is nearing 700,000 students in the database.
  4. Results

    Participation in the Alliance has helped maintain and improve the knowledge and sharing of best practices for the exploration and production field in the Ark-La-Tex area. In addition to the meetings covering FRCs, heat stress, safe driving, H2S, slings inspection and safety, cell phone (distracted driving) policies, cranes, and other topics, meetings on fatality trends, best practices, and new regulations were distributed to the exploration and production contractors.

    The group has become a distribution point for safety related classes and information in the area, particularly non-profit classes offered in the area. The meetings average approximately 40 attendees.

    OSHA's National Campaign for work-related Heat Stress and National Initiative for Distracted Driving were addressed and materials were provided to members-attendees of the monthly meetings.

    The following was reported by the University of Texas University OSHA Education Center regarding the March 2013 Safety Stand-Down:

    16 28 33 1 ArkLaTex STEPS
    1 2 3 0 ArkLaTex STEPS
    4 33 80 75 ArkLaTex STEPS
    11 142 343 0 ArkLaTex STEPS
  5. Upcoming Milestones

    • Continued monthly Ark-La-Tex STEPS Network safety forum meetings.
    • The 2014 Oil and Gas Environmental Conference will be held December 1, 2014 through December 04, 2014 in Houston, Texas.