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OSHA-2020-0010-0034 "March 30, 2021 MACOSH Meeting Transcript"

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

U.S. Department of labor
200 Constitution Ave., NW
Washington, D.C. 20210

The meeting ofthe Maritime Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (MACOSH) was called to order by Chairman Donald Raffo at 1:12 p.m., on Wednesday, March 30, 2021. This meeting was held via WebEx and teleconference. The following committee members and OSHA staffwere present:

MACOSH Members:

Donald V. Raffo, General Dynamics Electric Boat Corporation, MACOSH Chair
Matthew Layman, U.S. Coast Guard, Longshore Workgroup Chair
James Rone, Washington State Department ofLabor and Industries
Alice Shumate, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Regina Farr, U.S. Department ofTransportation Maritime Administration
Robert Fiore, NYSA/ILA Training Center
Michael Podue, International Longshore and Warehouse Union
David Turner, SSE/NYK Ports
William Crow, Virginia Ship Repair Association
Jeremy Riddle, Balterm, LLC
Gunther Hoock, National Safety Council
Amy Sly Liu, Sound Testing, Inc., Shipyard Workgroup Chair
Lawrence Russell, National Fire Protection Association
Stephanie Brown, Division ofLongshore and Workers' Compensation
James Reid, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (absent)
Robert Godinez, International Brotherhood ofBoilermakers-Iron Shipbuilders (absent)

OSHA Staff:

Amy Wangdahl, Designated Federal Official, Director, OSHA, Office of Maritime and Agriculture
Nicholas DeAngelis, OSHA, Office of Maritime Enforcement
Danielle Watson, OSHA, Office of Maritime and Agriculture
Carla Marcellus, OSHA, Office of Maritime and Agriculture
Jennifer Levin, Committee Counsel, Office of the Solicitor

Opening Remarks, Roll-Call and Introductions

Donald Raffo, MACOSH Chair
Amy Wangdahl, Director, OSHA, Office of Maritime and Agriculture

Mr. Raffo called the meeting to order, introduced himself and then called the roll of the members. Everyone was present except for James Reid and Robert Godinez. Stephanie Brown replaced Kristina Hall. Mr. Raffo mentioned that Congress enacted legislation that changed the designation ofthe MACOSH from a discretionary committee to a permanent, statutorily established committee.

A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes ofthe November 20, 2019, meeting transcript. The meeting minutes were accepted and entered into the record as Exhibit 25.

Directorate of Standards and Guidance Update
Maureen Ruskin, Acting Director, Directorate of Standards and Guidance

Ms. W angdahl thanked the members and OSHA stafffor all their work on MACOSH. Ms. Wangdahl introduced Maureen Ruskin, Acting Director, Directorate of Standards and Guidance. Ms. Ruskin briefly acknowledged the frustration over the members' inability to meet, as well as the work required to change MACOSH's designation and update the charter.

Ms. Ruskin provided the following updates since the last meeting:

Beryllium rulemakings were finalized for general industry, as well as construction and shipyards. These streamlined the requirements for construction and shipyards, based on the use and exposures ofberyllium. Ms. Ruskin thanked the committee for their assistance in getting information for OSHA on exposures at various shipyards. In addition, Ms. Ruskin stated:

  • A SBREFA panel on tree care was held last spring.

  • The Safe + Sound Campaign will continue this summer and everyone was encouraged to participate.

  • OSHA recently proposed an update to the Hazard Communication Standard to maintain alignment with the GHS Purple Book.

  • DSG has been deeply involved in issues relating to the pandemic; it has developed dozens of guidance materials and is continuing work related to a possible Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS).

Additionally, Ms. Ruskin mentioned that the Shipyard Digest, which is undergoing updates, will be published soon and provided an update regarding previous MACOSH recommendations. It was explained that the agency has not forgotten about their previous recommendations; however, due to reduced staffing, the pandemic, and the agency direction, some of those recommendations did not go through the clearance process and they will be reviewed again by Amy's staff.

Finally, Ms. Ruskin thanked the committee members and offered special thanks to the members not returning.

Shipyard Workgroup Update
Amy Liu, Shipyard Workgroup Chair

Ms. Liu mentioned that the workgroup had conference calls on January 27, February 17, and March 10 where they developed guidance addressing physical haz.ards in confined spaces and shipyard competent person responsibilities. Other issues discussed included small boat safety, hydrogen sulfide haz.ards, and heat stress in confined spaces. Ms. Liu also reported that the Shipyard Workgroup reviewed the Longshore Workgroup products that included three posters on mechanic safety for chassis, cranes, and reefers.

The committee unanimously recommended that OSHA publish the Fact Sheet on Physical Hazards in Confined Spaces and the Fact Sheet on Shipyard Competent Person Responsibilities. The Shipyard Workgroup presentation was entered into the record as Exhibit 26 , followed by the Fact Sheet on Physical Hazards in Confmed Spaces as Exhibit 26.1, and the Shipyard Competent Person Responsibilities Fact Sheet as Exhibit 26.2.

Remarks from Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA
James Frederick

Mr. Frederick thanked everyone for their work and commented that advisory committees are very important since they bring stakeholders together with a common objective ofreaching improved workplace health and safety. Mr. Frederick said he expected the regulated community within maritime to hold OSHA accountable and had a much deeper appreciation and understanding ofthe work being done across OSHA to improve workplace and worker health and safety. He further talked about OSHA celebrating its 50th anniversary on April 28, which is also Workers Memorial Day.

Mr. Frederick recognized that MACOSH has been very engaged and productive over the years and thanked the members for their work on the committee. He also thanked the committee for its work on the fact sheets and posters for Shipyard and Longshoring operations.

Mr. Frederick mentioned that one ofthe areas offocus for this administration is reaching out to some ofthe vulnerable populations, and working on executive orders pertaining to OSHA's response to COVID-19. OSHA revised and issued updated guidance for employers on COVID workplace health and safety, as well as issued an updated national emphasis program of enforcement on COVID-related workplace safety and health. Mr. Frederick encouraged the members to look at the barriers that need to be removed to better address worker and workplace safety in maritime, assist workers in recognizing and understanding what their rights are through OSHA and employers to better understand what resources are available through OSHA.

Matt Layman, Longshore Workgroup Chair

Mr. Layman mentioned that the workgroup had seven conference calls and completed work on three mechanic safety posters -Chassis Mechanic Best Practices, Crane Mechanic Best Practices, and Reefer Mechanic Best Practices. Each poster was discussed briefly and a formal recommendation was made to the agency for their publication. Mr. Laymen also indicated that one other poster on power mechanic safety was developed by the workgroup, however, is still being reviewed. He recommended that the incoming members ofthe committee continue work on the additional poster, as well as other carry-over topics, such as rail safety, discussed by this workgroup in previous meetings.

The Longshore Workgroup's PowerPoint presentation was entered into the record as Exhibit 27 , followed by the Chassis Mechanic Best Practices poster as Exhibit 27.1, Crane Mechanic Best Practices poster as Exhibit 27.2, and Reefer Mechanic Best Practices poster as Exhibit 27.3 .

Joint Workgroup Safety Culture Poster

Mr. Raffo briefly talked about a poster on creating a safe work culture that was jointly developed by the Shipyard and Longshoring Workgroups. This product, entitled A Safe Work Environment is a T.E.A.M Effort, was developed with the intent that it would be useful to both shipyard and longshoring workplaces. A formal recommendation was made to the agency for publication of the poster, which was entered into the record as Exhibit 28.

Open Discussion, Closing Remarks, Adjournment

Mr. Raffo provided each member the opportunity to give closing remarks. He thanked the members for their work especially during the committee's designation change and the pandemic. Ms. Wangdahl thanked everyone for all their work and said that the agency would be looking at previous recommendations.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:49 p.m. EST.

I hereby certify that, to the best ofmy knowledge, the foregoing minutes are an accurate swnmary ofthe meeting.




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