Young Workers Food Preparation Quiz
 1.  Hand-intensive tasks (chopping, stirring, or scooping) can cause repetitive motion injuries to the wrist if done with: (check the best answer)
 2.  Which of the following describes cooking utensils (e.g., knives, scoops) that are designed to prevent stress and strain injuries: (check the best answer)
 3.  When a knife falls, the worker should: (check the best answer)
 4.  When operating a kitchen machine, why is it important to keep loose clothing and long hair tucked or tied close to the body? (check the best answer)
 5.  Which of the following should be attached to kitchen machines to help protect workers? (check the best answer)
 6.  What type of person should be alerted to leave the area where a microwave oven is going to be used? (check the best answer)
 7.  If the microwave starts sparking inside, the worker should:  (check the best answer)
 8.  When using meat slicers: (check the incorrect answer)
 9.  When using steamers or pressure cookers: (check the best answer)
 10.  What can young workers do to avoid burns and other injuries while operating coffee making equipment? (check the best answer)