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Maximum Permissible DOS Equivalent for Occupational Exposure
Combined whole body occupational exposure  
Prospective annual limit 5 rems in any 1 yr
Retrospective annual limit 10-15 rems in any 1 yr
Long-terms accumulation (N-18) x5 rems. where N is age in yr

Skin 15 rems in any 1 yr
Hands 75 rems in any 1 yr (25/qtr)
Forearms 30 rems in any 1 yr (10/qtr)
Other organs, tissues, and organ systems  
Fertile woman (with respect to fetus) 0.5 rem in gestation period

Population dose limits 0.17 rem average per yr
(Reprinted from NCPR Publication No. 43, Review of the Current State of Radiation Protection Philosophy, 1975)