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Incident Command System

Procurement Unit Leader

Finance, Administration
The following sections provide information on this position:

Procurement Unit Leader - General

The Procurement Unit Leader - is responsible for administering all financial matters pertaining to vendor contracts, leases, and fiscal agreements.

Procurement Unit Leader - Specific Responsibilities

The major responsibilities of the Procurement Unit Leader are:

  • Review Common Responsibilities

  • Review Unit Leader Responsibilities.

  • Review incident needs and any special procedures with Unit Leaders, as needed.

  • Coordinate with local jurisdiction on plans and supply sources.

  • Obtain the Incident Procurement Plan.

  • Prepare and authorize contracts and land-use agreements.

  • Draft memoranda of understanding as necessary.

  • Establish contracts and agreements with supply vendors.

  • Provide for coordination between the Ordering Manager, agency dispatch, and all other procurement organizations supporting the incident.

  • Ensure that a system is in place that meets agency property management requirements.

  • Ensure proper accounting for all new property.

  • Interpret contracts and agreements; resolve disputes within delegated authority.

  • Coordinate with the Compensation/Claims Unit for processing claims.

  • Coordinate use of impress funds, as required.

  • Complete final processing of contracts and send documents for payment.

  • Coordinate cost data in contracts with the Cost Unit Leader.

  • Brief the Finance/Administration Section Chief on current problems and recommendations, outstanding issues, and follow-up requirements.

  • Maintain Unit/Activity Log (ICS Form 214, 5 KB PDF*).

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*These files are provided for downloading.

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