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Incident Command System

Planning Section Chief

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Planning Section Chief - General

The Planning Section Chief - (PSC), a member of the General Staff, is responsible for the collection, evaluation, dissemination and use of information about the development of the incident and the status of resources. Information is needed to:

  • Understand the current situation
  • Predict the probable course of incident events; and 
  • Prepare alternative strategies for the incident.  

Planning Section Chief - Specific Responsibilities

The major responsibilities of the Planning Section Chief are:

  • Review Common Responsibilities.

  • Collect and process situation information about the incident.

  • Supervise preparation of the Incident Action Plan (IAP).

  • Provide input to the Incident Commander (IC) and the Operations Section Chief (OPS) in preparing the IAP.

  • e. Chair planning meetings and participate in other meetings as required.

  • Reassign out-of-service personnel already onsite to Incident Command System (ICS) organizational positions as appropriate.

  • Establish information requirements and reporting schedules for Planning Section Units
    (e.g., Resources, Situation Units).

  • Determine the need for any specialized resources in support of the incident.

  • If requested, assemble and disassemble Strike Teams and Task Forces not assigned to

  • Establish special information collection activities as necessary (e.g., weather, environmental,
    toxic's, etc.).

  • Assemble information on alternative strategies.

  • Provide periodic predictions on incident potential.

  • Report any significant changes in incident status.

  • Compile and display incident status information.

  • Oversee preparation and implementation of the Incident Demobilization Plan.

  • Incorporate plans (e.g., Traffic, Medical, Communications, Site Safety) into the IAP.

  • Maintain Unit/Activity Log (ICS Form 214, 5 KB PDF*).

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*These files are provided for downloading.

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