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Incident Command System

Division/Group Supervisor

Aircraft Operations
The following sections provide information on this position:

Division/Group Supervisor - General

The Division/Group Supervisor - reports to the Operations Section Chief (OPS) (or Branch Director when activated). The Supervisor is responsible for the implementation of the assigned portion of the Incident Action Plan (IAP), assignment of resources within the Division/Group, and reporting on the progress of control operations and status of resources within the Division/Group.

Division/Group Supervisor - Specific Responsibilities

The major responsibilities of the Division/Group Supervisor are:

  • Review Common Responsibilities.

  • Implement Incident Action Plan (IAP) for Division/Group.

  • Provide the IAP to Strike Team Leaders, when available.

  • Identify increments assigned to the Division/Group.

  • Review Division/Group assignments and incident activities with subordinates and assign tasks.

  • Ensure that the Incident Commander (IC) and/or Resources Unit is advised of all changes in the status of resources assigned to the Division/Group.

  • Coordinate activities with adjacent Division/Group.

  • Determine need for assistance on assigned tasks.

  • Submit situation and resources status information to the Branch Director or the Operations Section Chief (OPS).

  • Report hazardous situations, special occurrences, or significant events (e.g., accidents, sickness, discovery of unanticipated sensitive resources) to the immediate supervisor.

  • Ensure that assigned personnel and equipment get to and from assignments in a timely and orderly manner.

  • Resolve logistics problems within the Division/Group.

  • Participate in the development of Branch plans for the next operational period.

  • Maintain Unit/Activity Log (ICS Form 214, 5 KB PDF*).

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*These files are provided for downloading.

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