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Incident Command System

Demobilization Unit Leader

The following sections provide information on this position:

Demobilization Unit Leader - General

The Demobilization Unit Leader - is responsible for developing the Incident Demobilization Plan. On large incidents, demobilization can be quite complex, requiring a separate planning activity. Note that not all agencies require specific demobilization instructions.

Demobilization Unit Leader - Specific Responsibilities

The major responsibilities of the Demobilization Unit Leader are:

  • Review Common Responsibilities.

  • Review Unit Leader Responsibilities.

  • Participate in planning meetings as required.

  • Review incident resource records to determine the likely size and extent of demobilization effort.

  • Based on the above analysis, add additional personnel, work space, and supplies as needed.

  • Coordinate demobilization with Agency Representatives.

  • Monitor the on-going Operations Section resource needs.

  • Identify surplus resources and probable release time.

  • Develop incident check-out function for all units (ICS Form 221, 8 KB PDF*).

  • Evaluate logistics and transportation capabilities to support demobilization.

  • Establish communications with off-incident facilities, as necessary.

  • Develop an Incident Demobilization Plan detailing specific responsibilities and release priorities and procedures.

  • Prepare appropriate directories (e.g., maps, instructions, etc.) for inclusion in the demobilization plan.

  • Distribute demobilization plan (on and off-site).

  • Provide status reports to appropriate requestors.

  • Ensure that all Sections/Units understand their specific demobilization responsibilities.

  • Supervise execution of the Incident Demobilization Plan.

  • Brief the Planning Section Chief (PSC) on demobilization progress.

  • Maintain Unit/Activity Log (ICS Form 214, 5 KB PDF*).

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