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Incident Command System

Compensation/Claims Unit Leader

Finance, Administration
The following sections provide information on this position:

Compensation/Claims Unit Leader - General

The Compensation/Claims Unit Leader - is responsible for the overall management and direction of all administrative matters pertaining to compensation for injury and claims related activities (other than injury) for an incident.

Compensation/Claims Unit Leader - Specific Responsibilities

The major responsibilities of the Compensation/Claims Unit Leader are:

  • Review Common Responsibilities.

  • Review Unit Leader Responsibilities.

  • Obtain a briefing from the Finance/Administration Section Chief.

  • Establish contact with the incident Safety Officer (SO) and Liaison Officer (LO) (or Agency Representatives if no LO is assigned).

  • Determine the need for Compensation for Injury and Claims Specialists and order personnel as needed.

  • Establish a Compensation for Injury work area within or as close as possible to the Medical Unit.

  • Review Incident Medical Plan (ICS Form 206, 5 KB PDF*).

  • Ensure that Compensation/Claims Specialists have adequate workspace and supplies.

  • Review and coordinate procedures for handling claims with the Procurement Unit.

  • Brief the Compensation/Claims Specialists on incident activity.

  • Periodically review logs and forms produced by the Compensation/Claims Specialists to ensure that they are complete, entries are timely and accurate and that they are in compliance with agency requirements and policies.

  • Ensure that all Compensation for Injury and Claims logs and forms are complete and routed to the appropriate agency for post-incident processing prior to demobilization.

  • Keep the Finance/Administration Section Chief briefed on Unit status and activity.

  • Demobilize unit in accordance with the Incident Demobilization Plan.

  • Maintain Unit/Activity Log (ICS Form 214, 5 KB PDF*).

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