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Agency Representative

Agency Representative
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Agency Representative - General

The Agency Representative - In many multi-jurisdiction incidents, an agency or jurisdiction may send a representative who is not on direct tactical assignment, but is there to assist in coordination efforts.

An Agency Representative is an individual assigned to an incident from an assisting or cooperating agency who has been delegated authority to make decisions on matters affecting that agency's participation at the incident.

Agency Representative - Specific Responsibilities

The Agency Representatives report to the Liaison Officer (LO) , or to the Incident Commander (IC) in the absence of a LO. The major responsibilities of the Agency Representatives are:

  • Review Common Responsibilities

  • Ensure that all agency resources are properly checked-in at the incident.

  • Obtain briefing from the LO or IC.

  • Inform assisting or cooperating agency personnel on the incident that the Agency Representative position for that agency has been filled.

  • Attend briefings and planning meetings as required.

  • Provide input on the use of agency resources unless resource Technical Specialists are assigned from the agency.

  • Cooperate fully with the IC and the General Staff on agency involvement at the incident.

  • Ensure the well-being of agency personnel assigned to the incident.

  • Advise the LO of any special agency needs or requirements.

  • Report to home agency dispatch or headquarters on a pre-arranged schedule.

  • Ensure that all agency personnel and equipment are properly accounted for and released prior to departure.

  • Ensure that all required agency forms, reports and documents are completed prior to demobilization.

  • Have a debriefing session with the LO or IC before demobilization.

  • Maintain Unit/Activity Log (ICS Form 214, 5 KB PDF*).

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