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PPE Selection - Heat: Face Shields
Worker wearing safety spectacles Heat-reflective and wire-screen face shields are intended to shield the entire face from a range of heat hazards. Specific hazards associated with heat include high temperatures, splash from molten metal, and hot sparks. Face shields are considered secondary protectors to be used in addition to primary protection such as safety spectacles or goggles.

Face shield windows are made with different transparent materials and in varying degrees or levels of thickness. The thickness of the face shield window should be matched to the task. Window and headgear devices come in various styles in order to enable the worker to select the appropriate equipment.
Face shield windows extend from the brow to below the chin and across the entire width of the face.
  • Windows are available in both removable or lift-front designs:

    • Removable windows allow the replacement of damaged windows.
    • Lift-front windows may be raised, as needed, or left in the lowered position.
  • Wire-screen Window
    Figure 1:
    Wire-Screen Window
    Wire-screen windows:

    • May include a plastic/glass insert
    • Protect against moderate impact
    • Not recommended for use involving chemical or liquid hazards

  • Heat-Reflective Window
    Figure 2:
    Heat-Reflective Window
    Heat-reflective windows:

    • Offer limited UV protection
    • Protect against impact
    • Protect against radiant heat

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Headgear supports the window shield and secures the device to the head.
  • Adjustable Headgear
    Figure 3: 
    Adjustable Headgear
    Adjustable headgear:

    • Straps allow the user to manipulate the size of the headgear to ensure a proper fit
    • Allows face shields to be shared between employees

  • Hard Hat with Face Shield
    Figure 4:
    Hard Hat with Face Shield
    Hard hats with face shields:

    • A window shield may be mounted under the visor of the hat
    • Face shields may be wire-screen, heat reflective, lift-front, or removable

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