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Tiegel Machine Enclosure Assembly

Tiegal Machine Enclosure Assembly

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Tiegel Machine Enclosure Assembly

Teigel Machine with 10" diameter duck and blast gate to 4" X 60" transition, plate storage box, hinged plexiglass and sliding bolt with adjustment holes. Reject container enclosure shown. Also Section AA detail showing side view of hinged plexiglass, slot to slot seal against 1 1/2" X 42" slot in tiegel machine.

Match 2 1/2 X 42" Slot against 1 1/3" X 40" slot in Tiegel Machine. Fasten with self-drilling screws utilizing felt gasket around perimeter of slot.

Design Criteria:

Q = 6,000 cfm
Vduct ³ 4,500 cfm
he ~ 1.5 VPduct