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Response Action Table

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Nature of the Anthrax Threat Response Actions
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Physical evidence
(such as a suspicious package containing powder)
1. Determine if there is a logical explanation for the "physical evidence" (e.g. suspicious package or powder). Some examples may include:  
  • If you receive a suspicious package, try to identify who sent it and call them to ask about it.
  • If you find suspicious powder, try to determine if the powder came from a logical source (e.g. powdered soap dispenser, spilled baking soda box, construction debris, etc.).
2. If you determine that the "physical evidence" came from a logical source and it is not suspicious, it is unlikely that anthrax is present.
Epidemiological or medical observations
(such as individual cases of anthrax)
1. If one or more employees are exhibiting symptoms of anthrax:
  • Encourage them to see a health care professional to evaluate the cause of the symptoms.
  • Many of the anthrax symptoms are similar to common illnesses, such as the flu, and can cause unnecessary distress in the workplace.
2. If no confirmed cases of anthrax are discovered, it is unlikely that a credible threat of anthrax exposure exists at your worksite.
(such as a phone call or letter stating that anthrax has been used)
1. Call 9-1-1 and report the threat. An anthrax threat is a criminal act, regardless if the threat is credible or not.

eTools Home :Anthrax Credits