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What should I do if I have an Anthrax threat at my worksite?

Anthrax CollageThe actions that will constitute an appropriate response for an anthrax threat will depend on how the threat was discovered and the credibility of a threat at your facility (for example, which zone your facility fits into on the Anthrax Risk Reduction Matrix).

Discovery of Possible Contamination or Threat
PackageDiscovery of anthrax may occur in several ways: 
  • Physical evidence (such as a suspicious package containing powder),

  • Epidemiological or medical observations (such as individual cases of anthrax), or

  • Unsubstantiated threat (such as a phone call or letter stating that anthrax has been used). 
The following links provide additional information about identifying suspicious packages:

Evaluate the Credibility of the Threat
Work SiteThe first step to take for a potential anthrax threat is to evaluate the credibility of the threat.  This is done by evaluating where your facility fits on the Anthrax Risk Reduction Matrix. The actions you should take if you have an anthrax threat at your worksite will depend on your zone.

Determine What Actions You Should Take
After you have determined which zone your facility fits into on the Anthrax Risk Reduction Matrix, the following table will help you determine what actions to take if you have an anthrax threat at your worksite.

Select the color zone title (green, yellow, red) to see corresponding response actions. (Text Version.)

Nature of the Anthrax Threat Response Actions
Green Zone

A credible anthrax threat is unlikely at your facility.
Yellow Zone

A credible anthrax threat is possible at your facility.
Red Zone

Anthrax is strongly suspected or has been confirmed at your facility. The appropriate authorities should already be involved in the the anthrax mitigation efforts.

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