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Install plot .zip* to install

To load this program, from the DOS prompt, create a directory called "VEMPLOT" by typing "C:" and then "MD\VEMPLOT". Copy all of the files on the diskette to this directory by typing "copy A:*.* C:\VEMPLOT". You may use drives other than A: and C: by substituting the appropriate letter. You can also use SETUP.BAT to load the program automatically.

After copying the files to the hard drive, load Windows. From the FILE menu, select NEW. Select "Program Item". Under "Title", type "VEM Plots". Under "Program/Document/Script" type C:\VEMPLOT\VEMPLOT.EXE". You can select a new icon for this program item. An icon is provided in the file named "VEM13.ICO" in the VEMPLOT sub-directory. Click on OK and you should be ready to run the program.

This program was written in Visual Basic. All of the source files have been provided to you if you wish to make any changes to the program.

Accessibility Assistance: Contact the OSHA Directorate of Technical Support and Emergency Management at (202) 693-2300 for assistance accessing ZIP materials.

*These files are provided for downloading.