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March 8, 2002

Dear Employer,

Falls are the leading cause of fatalities and catastrophes investigated by OSHA in Region VII:

  • 42% of the fatal and catastrophic incidents in OSHA - Region VII from October 1, 1995 through December 31, 1999 occurred in the construction industry;

  • 34% of those involved a fall.

To make a positive impact on these statistics, OSHA - Region VII has developed an initiative devoted to reducing falls in the construction industry. As part of this initiative, we created the enclosed "Employer Information Kit." The kit is designed to help you, the construction employer, voluntarily comply with OSHA fall protection standards.

This kit provides information on how much accidents may cost your company; statistics and summaries of construction fall fatalities and catastrophes which have occurred in Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska; information on how to get OSHA assistance; summaries of OSHA construction regulations related to fall hazards; NIOSH Alert on dangers of working from scaffolds; personal fall protection information; a chart of OSHA standards most frequently cited in the construction industry as a result of employees exposed to fall hazards; Region VII newsletters on this initiative; and Disaster Facts Accident Reports related to falls.

Outreach planned with this initiative is designed to heighten awareness of construction industry fall hazards. We anticipate everyone: employers, employees, and the public will increase their fall hazard knowledge. We are encouraging everyone to report observed incidents of employees exposed to fall hazards to OSHA.

We know that you want to be in compliance with OSHA standards! This kit is designed to assist you in that endeavor. If you desire additional assistance, please call the OSHA office nearest you as identified on the enclosed "OSHA Region VII Falls in Construction Information Sheet." We are striving to reverse this fatal/catastrophic fall trend and we need your help. We look forward to working with you to remove fall hazards and SAVE LIVES!


OSHA - Region VII